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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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3 hours ago, deadpen69 said:

10 months and more money than I care to discuss. From cafe racer to back to original. I still have the clip-ons and undrilled triple clamp.

2001 V11 sport TT


 | Flickr


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@deadpen69, perhaps right click your image(s), select "Copy Image Location", and paste here for us to see?

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4 minutes ago, deadpen69 said:

@docc , I think I neglected to make the images public. Should be corrected now.


Yep! That is such an interesting Sport with a nice blend of various tasty bits. Welldone, there!

(I tried the "Copy Image Link"/ hotlink to display an image of it here, but Flickr is on to me, so no-go.)

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Friday afternoon off and friends to meet at our country-store/Best Reuben in the World hangout.

On the way home, got this shot of a couple old, greasy smokers parked next to one another . . .


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Over a quarter million miles of Moto Guzzi sitting here; original owners . . .


Over 400.000 kilometers is down the road a piece.  :sun:B)

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Fairing back from clear coating, yes l like her.
23c here today, nice. IPA time here.
Cheers Tom. 53f2f955f7d9cd6c9c4efedb30bbca8a.jpg06fcab404304bca1893cf96918a5b03e.jpg

Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk

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G'day folk's

Just a wee test to see if could remember how to post a photo...

This shot was 11 years and 75,000 kays ago in the courtyard of our previous home.

Cheers Guzzler

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