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  1. Congrats on a successful build and flight, Chuck. Paul B
  2. I'm still working on getting that Odyssey battery in there. Need more range. Paul B
  3. You are correct Al, They are very tight. Mine has the "credit card" clearance on both sides at the corners but I wonder if Odyssey cases are held to exact tolerances. With the rubber tray and strap on mine, it doesn't move at all. Paul B
  4. Hi Chuck, looks like the fourth fuse goes to the ignition through a four connector molex plug. Should be Brown wire. Paul B
  5. I walk every morning for about two hours and my go to internet radio is Undercurrents. Community radio, no commercials and a great selection of all types of artists. UnderCurrents Radio Paul B
  6. Took a pic of a spare I have..... Paul B
  7. Early 2000 Sport ZGUKRAKR2YMXX2946. Paul B
  8. Hey, 2S-R I have her twin sister. Without the ferry tho Paul B
  9. Hi Ho Docc, You had to remind me, didn't you. In the past couple of years I've been retired and been working on our house, painting, plumbing re roofing, all the fun stuff you know. I'm almost ashamed to admit to a little over 2600 miles in that time, so I'll diligently work on increasing the numbers as my list of projects is getting shorter. Paul B
  10. You Know What You Must Do, Grasshopper......................................
  11. If no one has the new and improved model, I can mail you my old one......lemme know Paul B
  12. The injectors your looking for have an industry part # IW 031, These are used on Maserati's, Lamborghini's, Ducati's and Moto Guzzi. Probably Lancia, Fiat and a few others. They are made by Weber Marelli and are available through most automotive supply houses. Avoid the Chineseum Paul B
  13. It appears that the petcock is on the Right side of the tank. If this is true where is the pressure regulator mounted, on the Left side? You may want to start with a fuel hose diagram and make sure everything is plumbed properly. The petcock turns anti clockwise to close, clockwise to open. ( when sittting on the bike) They do get stuck and may need removal and cleaning. Table 33.31v11_lemans-sport-naked_2001-2002 | Cadre Cycle Paul B
  14. PFFFT, The salesman told me, "It's Hypersonic Kid" the old ones were supersonic. Paul B
  15. Color bands only signify resistance value. No directional requirement. Paul B
  16. Fill your cold tires to a pressure, write it down. Go ride for at least a half hour through hiway and twisties as best you can. Stop and check the pressures again and they should be within 10% of your initial fill. Adjust accordingly. Paul B
  17. High idle cam (choke) underneath throttle body hanging up? If not, a can of WD40 might be useful now. Paul B looks like pressureangle beat me to it
  18. I if you do a search on emissions and settings on google, you will find the basic info on air/fuel ratio, timing and atmospheric conditions that effect c/o, nox and co2. Your ecu is taking several parameters and trying to adjust for performance to keep those levels in acceptable range. All ecu's react differently depending on those variables and adjust accordingly Like I listed on mine, three different ecu's three different settings. Paul B
  19. Hi Ken, I currently have three ECU's that I've collected over the years. About six months ago after doing a complete tune on my 2000 V11 I plugged in Guzzidiag to check all the parameters. I still had a little choppy idle and found the stock ECU c/o trim set at +65. I lowered it to get the best idle at +35 and bike rode very well through all throttle inputs. When I got back from the test ride I plugged in the other two ECU's and one was at-7 the other at+15. both idled o k but not as smooth as the original. I realize that without a proper analyzer I'm just doing it by "feel" but the ride is smooth without any hiccups.. My conclusion was that there are enough differences in the ecu's to adjust them individually for your best situation. My Paul B
  20. Take a look at your old oil filter and see if the gasket is there or not. They are known to stay on the mounting flange and cause the problem you describe. Paul B
  21. Ain't Cheap but available. Maybe check with Pinwall Cycle Parts too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274830452577?epid=16007345073&hash=item3ffd2be761:g:24YAAOSwwlJeF0Rt Paul B
  22. If you have the factory manual, on page 12 it gives the generic torque for any bolts not specifically listed in the component sections. Paul B
  23. Yank that sucker !! If you haven't already, I'd pull the dipstick and see if it smells of the gas from overfueling. Paul B
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