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Re-engineering the Shift Spring


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On 1/30/2024 at 4:10 PM, LaGrasta said:

I did the Lucky Phil Shift Improvement, and all is well. :) 

I have no wish to perform this other spring upgrade as it's so involved. I have about 15k on my 2003, am I destined to be forced to do so? As I read through this thread, it seemed it may be so. :(

I did not find any recommendation to your post; I am one of those who experienced the pawl spring let down. It happened around my home base; I was really lucky.

I ordered a three coils pawl spring but did not install it. I instead installed a Guzzi part one, with only two coils. The original one that broke did not at the coils. You can go back into this thread, I have posted pictures.

I am running a fatigue test, and monitoring the mileage before the spring breaks again. I have set the limit to 15,000 miles. Maybe I will push it to 20,000 miles.

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