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If you were in the market to purchase a new modern retro classic bike, which would it be?

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19 minutes ago, p6x said:

@rosso corsa

If I am not mistaken, the new EUx normes don't apply to previous generations bike. In theory you could purchase and ride one. Unless of course you live in one of these new "zoned" cities where you can't use an older vehicle that is not compliant.

I think only the Germans have exemptions for 30 years old vehicles at this point. Anything in between, no luck!

The problem is that the CB1300 | Honda is a 2021 model and therefore subject to EU5. Since Honda is not considering to make it EU5-compliant, the 2021 CB1300 has not been introduced to EU markets, sadly (otherwise I would for sure order one!). 

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At a roadside Burger Van type cafe that some of us hang out on summer Sunday mornings, an older guy with a Honda cub (70 cc drum braked cub, not the modern 125 injected model!) is always there, if I’m on a Guzzi he’ll reminisce about the days 35 years ago he had a Le Mans Mk2. At least he’s still on 2 wheels, you could probably have a lot of fun on a Honda cub. Here it is next to my “grape ape” V11. If I had to seriously downsize to a lightweight you could do a lot worse than a modern cub


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13 hours ago, fotoguzzi said:

I've had my Trail 90 for 50 years, probably will last another 50..  



Some people do incredible travel on those small cubed Honda; such as going through continents. YouTube is full of their stories.

I traveled Europe on my 49.9cc moped to get to Motorcycle Grand-Prix when I was 14 years old. Today I would not dare riding a 125 or 90 cc outside of the city. Driving habits of those using four or more wheeled vehicles have evolved and your maximum speed limit defines how safe you are going to be on the road.

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Actually I can't think of any retro styled new bikes that I would actually purchase.  I suppose that Kaw cafe racer is sorta neat, the Bonneville and Speed Triple Sport, OK but not my money. 

Those "classic" styled Ducatis from 20 years ago were cool but they're 20 years old, so aren't they retro-retro bikes?  About the same age as my V11 Sport which I'm not afraid to ride everyday. 

There are lots of nice bikes more than 30 years old that are the genuine article that have been pampered,  reliable to ride and won't break the bank <Guzzi content>.

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On 3/13/2022 at 12:04 AM, billgreenman1 said:

I kinda wish that Husqvarna was better represented in my neck of the woods; I think the 401Svartpilen (sp?) looks like a fun city scrambler....back road thrasher...something. 

My wife and I were just looking at the Husqvarna. But we would be more interested in the Vitpilen, the more street oriented of the two, as where we live there isn't much opportunity for off road usage (funny, being as how we live in the sticks). One day we hope to move out west, and there the Svartpilen would be better.

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On 3/8/2022 at 10:11 AM, rosso corsa said:

Perhaps somewhat borderline, but it remembers me of the eighties: 2021 Honda CB1300S Super Bol D'or... unfortunately not EU5 compliant2021 Honda CB 1300S Super Bol D&amp;#39;or

Remember that 2005 concept cb1300?  Looked wayyy nicer than that one!

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I think they stopped bringing over the 701 to the US in 2020, but I the Vitpilen 701 in Blue and White is the best color combo. I also like the Norden 901 that has just been released. Upon further investigation though, I learned that the Norden 901 is made by CFMoto (800 MT) with J.Jaun brakes, the Vitpilin is possibly made in India. Because of the this, I chose to buy another Italian bike. 


Norden 901.jpg

CFMoto MT.jpg


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We just looked at the Husqvarna 401's yesterday on the way home from work. I am impressed, and both the wife and I are strongly considering getting a pair (one for each of us). They are a little tall for the wife, but with the light weight she seems to feel it is do-able. The worst thing about them is which version. I was fully thinking it would be the cafe racer version, the Vitpilen, but it seems both versions are pretty much the same except the Vitpilen comes in white and has clip ons while the Svartpilen has bars and comes in black. The Svartpilen also comes with a rack on the gas tank and a slightly different seat.  After looking at both and sitting on both I am torn between the two options. The clip ons appeal to me mentally, but the higher bars appeal to me physically. And I am not a big fan of the flat white on the Vitpilen. But I could live with either, and at the price they are going for we can buy two of them for the price of one of the other motorcycles she is looking at. And they would be fun little runabouts for the area we live in.

The larger 701 looks like great fun, but that isn't currently available and it is in a different league price wise.

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We ended up buying a pair of the Husqvarna's. The wife bought a Svartpilen and I went with the Vitpilen. I came close to buying the Svartpilen, but in the end the low bars are more me. I am getting old for that sort of riding position, but I figure I won't be riding a bike that small over any vast distances. We have larger, more comfortable, bikes to ride from one state to another.

The baby Husqvarna's are fun. Super easy to ride, with a quick shifter that works both on the up shift and down shift. So far the only mods we have done are bar end mirrors. The stock mirrors are fairly useless. And the bar end mirrors just look right, especially on the Vitpilen.

It seems Svartpilen means Black Arrow and Vitpilen means White Arrow. Really funny to me, it seems they named them after the color of the bike, the black bike and white bike. 

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