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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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On 7/10/2023 at 6:34 AM, Joe said:

Not sure where this goes on the forum, wow…




Whoa! This exact thing happened to me about 1970 while cruising the local Friday night traffic loop with a bald rear tire. 1966 Yamaha YM-1 305cc. Partially dismantled the bike on-site and hauled it home in the trunk of my buddy's '64 Chev Impala. Yes, trunks were that big and bikes that small back then. Still have the bike. The wrench? 5/16-3/8 open end. It must be somewhere in the garage. 

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My Dad's mate Lance used to have a big Chev Impala back when we were kids...

This was quite something in 70's NZ I can tell you.

Yeah,the boot (trunk to you guy's) was bloody huge! I remember throwing the racing go kart and everything needed to race all day in it and still there was heaps of room !

That and even just cruising around it'd chirp the tyres when the 3 speed auto changed gears....

Bloody impressive especially when you're more used to 52 Morrie Oxfords and 57 100E Prefects.....

Ha ha the memories!

I'm just about to call me ole mate in Perth for Xmas and as lifelong mates and gearheads will remind him of the ole days and Lance's Impala!His 57 100E is long gone and now has an XK8 Jag in the garage!

Anyways folk's I'm gonna pour myself a glass o vino and have a laugh with me ole mate so to all of you in our wee V11 world...Merry Christmas and hope you all have a great festive season!

Cheers Guzzler

Ps I kinda think many of us here would be pretty good mates if we weren't spread round the globe eh.

Still bloody good to know ya all in cyberland all the same! 



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55 minutes ago, audiomick said:

Very impressive. :grin:

Like all risky or dangerous occupations, you ride long enough, you have tales to tell. The survivors, anyway.

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