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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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Looks like you have a spare 10mm open end wrench.  Most people carry them in their tool pouch.

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I am able to read the writing on the stone when I zoom in. For those who can't for whatever reason, here is what it says:




This anchor was one of three that were added during the Navy’s modernisation of the USS OKLAHOMA in 1927.

Manufactured in 1919 by Baldt Anchor Company in Chester, Pennsylvania, the anchor weighs 19,860 pounds.


Thanks to the efforts of Rear Admiral John E. Kirkpatrick USNR, Ret. , the USS OKLAHOMA anchor has had a home in Oklahoma City since 1960.


Originally located near the Civic Centre at Couch Drive and Robinson Avenue, new construction resulted in the anchor’s move to a Median at Park Avenue and Broadway in 1980. In December 2005 the anchor was moved to its current location.


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4 hours ago, gstallons said:

Wgat is the story with the anchor ?

It's the anchor from the USS Oklahoma, sunk at Pearl Harbor.  You might be able to read some of it on the monument next to the anchor. 


Edit: I see that it was discussed above.

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