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  1. From the album: Old English White Guzzi v11

    Amazing what you can do with a puddle on a sunny day. Their he is, from Mandello del Lario to a new life in Margate by the sea. Note tank pads yet to be added.
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  7. From the album: 2001 v11 SP

    Worldwide ceramic bearings and Ti hardware. In silver, which is recognized the world over as the only color for a proper V11
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  9. From the album: NZ

    An old photo of a eagle shaped cloud. Not sure where or when it was taken, but appears to be wintertime.
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  10. From the album: Canonman's Tenni

    © Picture taken alone. All Rights Reserved for Canonman. Ask immediately before further publication.

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  12. From the album: Old English White Guzzi v11

    On a typically cloudy day in old Blighty, just put the chrome Guzzi/Eagle badge on, looks straight with my old eyes.
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  14. From the album: 2002 Scura

    rode back from the Black Lightening Motorcycle Cafe show in Eureka last week. Rode with a mate who has fixed up that R80, pretty sweet huh?
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  16. From the album: Winthers is over

    The winther is finally over here in Denmark and so is my winther project.
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  19. From the album: 2001 v11 SP

    Wish us luck as we head to NJMP for our first track days this weekend. More than a little nervous...
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  23. From the album: 2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Coppa Italia

    Look at that exhaust, sounds like an old big block with a lope to it......
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  24. From the album: V11Trofeo

    Bringing the bike back over the Alps after conversion
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  25. From the album: docc's sport

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  26. From the album: dream bikes

    Rosso in northern Canada
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