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  1. 1 sensible thing to do, install a strong extra start relay. Explained by K Roy and others here. I installed a 70amp relay. Cheers Tom.
  2. The cast iron kiosk, I know about, had one about 15years ago, £££££ +. Fitted good in with the Comando. D hernia medisin. Weigh more than a V11 from memory, which is . Plates, decision makers probably hate bikes, and no clue about aesthetics. At least we don't have to see it when we enjoy riding. Cheers Tom.
  3. Or a 3 world country will come to rescue Probably obtainably here. Cheers Tom.
  4. Is there a smaller license plate on the Greenie ? I do like a proper sized L plate if possible, wondering where the guys decieding the size where when agreeing on it. 30 year old bikes up here can have a decent size plate. Some countrys must have mixed up the busses and bikes plates or worse. US size ++ looks correct on a bike. Am I complaining on your plates Guzzimax, NO, just saying a proper sized plate is the icing on a great looking V11, and other bikes, JMOO. And hibernation is at least going in the right direction . Cheers Tom.
  5. Absolutely not easy with all the 2 - 3 - 4 abbreviations, jargon in another language. Happy riding bike’s has nothing to do with language. IPA time here Cheers Tom.
  6. I told a gent here about the lamba upgrade last year . He bought and installed it. Isn't it, wasn't it a run in procedure,, idling for some minutes, running under 3000rpm ++ He didn't do that, so no huge difference. Don't think it states something about running in on the lamba package, how important is that ? . WDIK, just sharing experienses. Cheers Tom.
  7. Phil said it, it’s easy to hear when the cover is in place. Cheers Tom.
  8. What dependable car ? Yes a w123 , boring but dependable, same era for the K 1000. 1100 late 80 early 90s. Great French engineering those engines. My friend passed 476k km this summer, same speedo,,,, hello. D IPA time Cheers Tom. .
  9. Tomchri


    Cute little thing, we sort of love ‘‘em all, little details that’s it. Cheers Tom.
  10. Docc, they all look good. Early Christmas here, Stucchi crossover shoved up in my mouse free garage the other day, not completely mouse free,,, Picture will follow. Cheers Tom.
  11. Seems everybody are happy with the Lonelec.uk edt , page 1 this tread. Sorry don't know any suplier in the US. Cheers Tom.
  12. Thanks Docc, Phil just my a lot of times I bet, Not english correct saying, talking. Good wish for Christmas tho, hope it comes tru. Cheers Tom
  13. Missed the point again, it's the brain thing .. Wider more alu then. I like em a bit more upright, parked anyway. Mostly rock up here and not often soft asphalt. As long as they stay on 2 wheels I'm happy,, IPA time. Cheers Tom.
  14. A piece of aluminium 2 - 3mm, a little welding. Polish to your liking. NO strings needed. I usually turn front wheel to the right when parked, less work for the stand. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  15. And she is idling perfectly 1100rpm +when warmed up ? Engaging high cam before ign on isn't adding any fuel, hitting the throttle ign on will, l think. If that's the only little procedure needed to get her going, l live with that. I do my best to have her running without the throttle linkage connected when tuning. And they all behave differently, even today's bikes. Sorry no conclusions, but many here like to hear other lads experiences with our one of a kind bike. Cheers Tom.
  16. not many in the US I bet. Good hunting, Congrat. Cheers Tom.
  17. Tomchri

    Lemans Decals

    Like Docc said, had a friend took some pictures, went home and did a little magic on the computer, send it to a good printer, woola. Spot on. Ca 80$. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  18. Weegie, back and forth here. What a bike you have going fast enough seems to solve all your problems . And a 59 Pan head in Sahara, wild quess, woundt ' think you want to know the pressure. Great bikes . Cheers Tom.
  19. Just had a spare front fender resprayed. Legnano green and white base. Some say silver base. Only cost me 60$. I say it's looks very simular. I might do it again with silver base. Lighting will fool you. IPA time [emoji482]. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
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