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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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After hearing this way too much when I was a kid , I now limit myself to once every FIVE years .  

I don't need to tell you how fast 6 minutes is when your are having a catharsis ! I have trouble understanding perfection until I listen / feel music like this . I don't have to tell you this is best heard at full throttle .

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Don't know if the link will work outside of Germany, but I'll give it a try:



The last bit is Branford Marsarlis, who is undeniably brilliant. In the middle is someone called Cory Wong. Never heard of him, but he seems to know how a guitar works. The first bit is a bunch of old farts playing heavy rock. The singer isn't as good as he used to be, but he is after all nearly 80 years old. The organ player who founded the band died about 11 years ago, which is a tremendous pity. Even so, fun to listen to. :)

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