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On 9/15/2023 at 8:33 AM, fotoguzzi said:


Almost as fast as the Ducati I had, with higher top speed.

I would much rather have a Lucid. Or a Taycan. Or even a Kia EV6 GT.

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Ok but none of them can even come close to the charging network. All the other EV makers are years behind Tesla. Sorry but it’s a fact. I don’t like Elon either but I bought the car not the mouth. If I could get anything it would be the model S plaid. 0-60 in under 2 seconds. 1/4 mile 9.5 seconds.

or maybe the Cyber truck once it’s released.

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But the sound, shaking, rattling, smell and watch your neck engaging 1 BIG FUN.
Cheers Tom. 2b0395558fffb0909cb1b84227838b98.jpg10ec07e6542eb88e37fdf0e3a3ddae7c.jpg6226a2ed16253b91c0b4c32dcdf60fd5.jpg

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Not going anywhere with street tires.  Yes addictive. IPA time :rasta:.

Cheers Tom.

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Very pretty car, Joe. I've always liked them.


Critic on the film: that is apparently an advertisement from a "classic cars" dealer. Using a camera that has so much "wide-angle" distortion and having obviously no idea how one collects good audio is no recommendaton for the dealership in my opinion. Maybe I'm too critical, but....       no, I wont go on. :huh2:

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The engine sound, NICE :rasta:

Cheers Tom.

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