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V11 Rebuild and customisation


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Hi Everyone,


Thought  i would start a build thread for my newest addition to the garage - a V11 Lemans maskerading as a V11 Sport





These pics were taken a few years ago and unfortunately by the time i got it was in a well worn condition, shredded rear tyre, faded filthy paintwork, rust, starter issues and in need of a major service. I replaced tyres , pads, oils, etc but on the second journey around the block found the quickest way to visit a hospital was in the back of an ambulance.

I recall nothing of the accident which is the worth in 30yrs of riding and racing and 15yrs since the last crash (kangaroo at 130kms) and as much as i have tried, can't find what happened although it seems like a low side but no reason i even would have been on the brakes. Anyway... bike wasnt as damaged as me.


Howdy - 



After finishing the TRX850 in the front here, i put the V11 up on the lift and started looking into what i needed to do to fix the beast up.




The started issues were a bad relay, simple.. Then I stripped a thread on the sump plug so knowing i had to pull the sump off, i got a roper plate in anticipation of the rebuild.




I have new rotors front and rear now and as i started stripping down the bike, I thought... i have to keep going. It needs so much tidying up. It filthy from sitting outside in the sun, rain and dust. The oil line to a head leaks, i think a stripped thread too, there is rust on some of the sub frame at the front, the gauges needed repairs and to be honest, i love the V11 but they look heavy so i want to at least make it look more cafe racer.




So I have started accumulating parts, clip ons, new speedo (selling the old set) new headlight which i will make the same as the TRX and Ducati in the pic, and probably a few bits and pieces as i go, like dropping the side covers for K&N with Bell mouths, carbon fibre where possible/affordable, new pipes, new pegs, new paint, new shock . Clean everything else


Some things I  love about the V11 are the lines and curves. So i don't think i will change the seat  or rear end, but i won't rule it out either. I will be making some sort of tail tidy though, possibly even under seat exhaust like i did with the TRX. 


If you have seen something like what i am talking about, please post the pic here or link. 


I'll add pics as I go. Cheers Neil

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well... assuming the rider is fully restored, I'm looking forward to see how the bike project goes.

Well the other finger nail finally came off today. So I won't be working on bikes tonight, it's a bit ouchy
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Sir has good taste in bikes! Love those trx's, i looked at acouple before settling on my v11.

One is TRX, the other is a ducati ST2. But the look some what similar.

I figure one day it will be fun to start them all at once in the garage

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wow. The black Duc is stunning.


what trellis frame matched to that Yamaha?

The TRX had a trellis frame but I cut off the back end and attached a ducati 1098 subframe


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HHmmmmmm, for some reason that picture of your shop reminds me of what my teenage sons bedroom looked like.  Please, keep us posted on the build.  What changes/modifications do you have in mind?

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