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  1. Is there any damage to the casing at all? Any cracks? Unclear in pic.
  2. Cymru is Wales, in Welsh. Dunno about exotic, but it's a great country. Took up mountain biking about 8years ago & despite the years, never been so fit! Try the hip flexor stretches!
  3. Cycling has helped my fitness no end. Muscles tighten up esp if I've been riding MTB then sat driving for a couple hours. Hip Flexor stretches have helped me a lot.
  4. As Pete says, that looks like a (two part) Scura ring gear assembly. Only difference that I can see is, on mine the gbox-facing side of the ring gear itself is relieved around it's circumference. I'm guessing it may be the RAM version, but I can't check cos it's in the trans.
  5. Best Wishes, Paul. Good luck with this.
  6. 2002 Scura 28k miles - wrinkle paint is fine - no bubbling. guess I'm the lucky one.
  7. Docc, Have you checked UJ alignment? I had v similar failure. Don't trust the factory paint marks, that supposedly show alignment. Mine were wrong, & in fact shaft collar/UJ's were welded so as to be impossible to align correctly. Roper was always banging on about stresses set up by wrongly aligned UJs. KB
  8. Alternative clutches: RAM - Single plate kit w alloy flywheel. Transkontinental - no longer available I think. Lightened stock flywheel & ring gear (u using a starter motor?) What power does your engine make? Is clutch OK? I have had no experience with v powerful motors/stock clutch, but I'm surprised you can't get it to work. You probably know the following people? if not just Google search - all are experienced w fast Guzzis & could help: mtiberio ran Transkontinental: see http://www.guzzitech.com/forums/threads/transkontinental-clutch.6393 Pete Roper, Martin Harvey (Australia), Todd Egan (Guzzitech), mike Rich (USA). Amadeo Castellani (Raceco UK - now works w cars - but massive knowledge), Jim Blomley (think u can get him at Quill exhausts) (UK). Peter Hindley raced a 1100 Sport on IOM a few years back: http://www.guzzipower.com/TT/HindleyTT.html Full of admiration for your project! I've done a fair few IOM laps on my old Tonti, but never raced there. The mountain is a real test for breather system: mine failed big time one year, delighting my Fireblade mate who figured I'd finally killed the old thing when I disappeared in a cloud of smoke... just cleaned it up & carried on... Good luck. KB
  9. May be a mismatch between Scura pushrod & new clutch/centre button. When I replaced the stock Scura clutch w a RAM unit, I had to use original centre button as RAM one wouldn't work (centre was too deep). They are different depths, so pushrod was effectively too short to operate the clutch.
  10. Hope the rider is recovered. What a ******* mess. I think emry covers it - learn to ride off road to develop ability & understand bike's behaviours & capabilities at extremes. Practice; take some lessons; ride to your abilities. Seen plenty of riders fall off cos they weren't prepared to lean it further.Trust your tyres (presuming you have decent tyres). I never was taught to "countersteer" - it just came naturally when learning to ride - never thought about it. Lean the bike over & it'll turn - I never really think of steering a bike with the bars - although I know counter steering initiates the turn, it's of a piece with shifting bodyweight & other inputs.
  11. Scud, If you're in Stelvio area, you might be interested in popping in to see the World Cup Downhill (mountain bike) in Val di Sol, v close by. DH Racing Saturday. It's an impressive show. Have a great trip
  12. 02 Scura: My OEM shock spring is 85 (it's marked 1091-26/85 L511). Can't confirm wt of OEM fork springs, but presumed also 85. Stock springs F&R were way too soft for me. I'm 175-180lbs (UK - dunno is that same pounds as you have in Oz or USA?). I replaced with 100 both ends, which were fine, but I'd probably've been better off w 110. Here's an old thread on this: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6534&hl=%2Bohlins+%2Bsprings+%2Bpart+%2Bnumbers+%2Bstiffer
  13. I think brake pedal benefits from a return spring. I used a bit of old inner tube, but as I recall, others have done job more elegantly.
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