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  1. Looks it. I guess this Sport will start easier? Bike kinda reminds me of a guy who had a really nice 78 750 Bonneville that ran a set of Mikunis. Sure, they work wonderfully but it just doesn't sit right..
  2. If that's the bike Im thinking it's just dinged up. Mechanically it was tip top (he was a Guzzi mechanic). Just a daily go anywhere rider.
  3. @FreyZI , how's the production going? If not a worry I'll take the 2 you got. Im not worried about weave. If it's somewhat close Im more than happy. That stuff never matched from the factory anyway. I have a Scura and a LeMans with Rosso Mandello carbon parked side by side. Different weave, different finish..
  4. I think I know this bike.. Prior owner worked for a Guzzi shop in Orange County..
  5. Odd to see so many pop up at one time. End of season sales too..
  6. One valuable time consuming lesson I've learned.. : Never try matching up carbon weave. You'll pull your hair out (if you still have any). My Scura carbon barely matched from the factory.. 🤣 Now I have Stucchi, M4, and some other stuff. It's all different.. Still looks good but you know it ain't factory. Guzzi had to of used 100s of different carbon weaves through the years.
  7. The seat cowlings look good. I'll take em.. 😃👍
  8. Nice. But not $15k nice...
  9. I dunno about you guys.... But that thing's sexy.
  10. The downside with a lot of these is you need to make your own brackets.. But Airtech is pretty good stuff.
  11. That's actually a good deal on the blinkies...
  12. This was the standard V11 Sport.. You might be thinking of the V11 Cafe with all the Ohlins bits.
  13. That there is the Coppa Di Merda Limited edition.. An "Enhanced" survivor.. Stripe added for" ultra speed"..Limited edition parts from E. Baye and special Amazonian racer parts from Jaque Bezos. Exquisite. Timeless.. Wait.. Down $1200????? They wanted $7200 at one time for that?!!
  14. That's all it took??? Lightweights... 🤣👍 Great rant, Brotha.
  15. You know that bike's dead sexy...
  16. I'd be game for even a 1 off... Or even if Mikko can chime in.. Wanna grab me some carbon...
  17. Won't happen. They say they will but it won't happen.. Just like Germany when they were flossing renewable energy as they were quietly bringing in a natural gas line from Russia (which has been exposed already). They'll bring in a lot of these electric vehicles but in truth running off of electricity made by fossil fuels..
  18. People say these are weak but in my honest opinion the power felt like the 865 air cooled Bonnevilles. I can confirm since I can 3 of those darn things. I thought it was felt faster than the v7 ... I love V7s but man, they're slow. Only issue I have with the 650 trin is it felt kinda small. And Im like 5'9". But that's just me. I think these 650 twins all "sorted out" would be sweet. An 865 kit would be pretty cool.
  19. At least something is keeping up with inflation. Never thought it would be my Italian tractors..
  20. Im very aware.. 🤣 My Lemans is on its second. What I was getting at is the miles aren't as minty and the speedo suggests..
  21. You went full carbon??? That's HOT!!!
  22. Dang, V11s are going for that much??? I think I know that bike. It's bounced around Craigslist over the years when I was living in Cali.. Once sold through Guzzi Classics... I don't think that's the original mileage.. If Im right that speedo and tach was replaced. I know it's LA but the V11 community is still small there.
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