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Red (short) Frame vs. Black (long) Frame


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13 hours ago, KINDOY2 said:

I've owned a couple BMW R1100S and R1100RT's, decent bikes...Yawn......Like My friend Mike said..." I had a R1100s...very nice bike, But the whole time I had it no one ever came up and said " Hey! Nice Bike!"

Kinda Sums up my feelings.

Yea that sums them up fairly well. Not that I crave or need that sort of thing but I think a BMW is more a "what it can do" type of bike than one that stirs an emotional reaction. The only bike I've ever owned that I had zero desire to fit open mufflers to. A bit like an electric bike you still need to put Gasoline in. I'd probably like it better these days being a bit older and slower. I was a "Sports bike" guy at the time. and the BM was a bit to sedate for me.



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Here is an excellent image of the 2002/early-2003 "carry-over" LongFrame with short tank compared to an early ShortFrame/short tank Sport. Notice the amount of exposed frame between the front of the tanks and the forks. That is where the V11 frame was lengthened. A trim piece ("panel" 01 57 59 60 ) covers the otherwise exposed wiring/etc crossing the space.  Later "long tanks" (internal pump/filter and no chin pad) obscure this area.


                                Image (and Sports!) courtesy of @Guzzimax  :thumbsup:

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