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  1. I've got to relay my experiences. I have been changing tires for 50 years using a bead breaker mounted to my bench and concrete floor, tire irons, 4x4's on a concrete floor or car tire wheel with protector on my bench, and rim protectors. I've always been successful, even with a 240 section Harley tire but, with the exception of the skinny '75 Triump tires, it was always a struggle. And, anytime I thought I had learned a trick, either it didn't work next time or it was so long between tire changes that I forgot it. Then I bought a No Mar Classic HD along with their tire irons, Xtra hand clamp, Yellow thing and their lube and bolted it to the floor. The first tire (rear) for my 2004V11 Le mans tore while mounting. I was unable to get it on without finally using tire irons and rim protectors. So, before I mounted my same size Suzuki TL1000S rear tire, I bought a used wheel and tire assembly off Ebay for maybe $60-$80 and practiced on it. That's is when I learned some of the tricks. Removing a tire is relatively easy but mounting is much more tricky. I'll practice on my Ebay wheel/tire first when it time to change my next tire ( I have 7 bikes). If I don't practice, I'm sure I'll look like those guys on YouTube with their tires spinning on the mountings. Finally, the further you get from mounting a race tire towards a touring tire, the less chance of success you'll have mounting the tire with the mounting bar. For my 2014 Valkyrie rear tire, I used the demount bar just fine but used only tire irons to mount it. The a few of these tire irons: https://www.jpcycles.com/product/2170075/j-p-cycles-tire-iron-15-curved used with a rim protector or plastic from 2 liter cola bottle will help get the last part of tire over the rim when using tire levers. No Mar's levers are wide. Frank Good luck.
  2. I just emailed Chuck and ordered one. Frank
  3. The fairing is not a solid independent piece. The red painted portion of the fairing on your bike is held on by the bolts from the mirrors and bolts for the turnsignals. I believe there are wiring connectors for the turn signals to unplug. Then you remove the "skin" - the painted portion of the fairing as one piece. All the black panels you see while seated on the bike stay fixed to the bike. When I first did this to my Rossa Corsa, I was shocked to see how easy it was and how it was constructed. Its really not a fairing in the Windjammer style of construction. Frank
  4. Frank

    V11 bits

    Hi: I'm interested in the starter cover. Thanks. Frank
  5. I reviewed your video before I installed my Roper plate and couldn't tell if you used two flange gaskets (01 00 36 50), - one on both sides of the Roper plate. Also, when I installed my plate last week, I noticed that the screws that held the flange to the crankcase had a coating on them that I could peel off. When I looked further, 8 of these cap screws thread into crankcase holes that are not blind but open to the outside. In other words, if these Allen screws are not sealed, you could have oil running up the threads to the outside of the engine on both sides. I used Permatex's Indian heal shellac on mine. Frank
  6. Pressureangle, I've just sent an order with PayPal. Are there instructions included? What gaskets -seals are needed? Thanks. Frank
  7. Frank


  8. A few years ago, my Suzuki TL1000 S developed the same problem. I hadn't done anything to the brake system beforehand - it just appeared one day. Brakes were tight and normal at a stop but almost immediately the lever went to the grip when moving. I could pump the brake lever up some but it immediately goes soft again. At a stop, everything is okay. I bled the system numerous times but the problem persisted. I've been tinkering with motorcycles for over 40 years and I was really stumped. The bike was basically unrideable because of this problem. One day when testing it in my neighborhood, I watched the brake discs as I was moving slow and noticed they were warped. I replaced them and the problem went away. Maybe this will help. Frank
  9. Hi Tim: I've sent a Paypal payment for 2 springs. Frank Long
  10. I'm interested in 2. Won't there be a formal method for payment and receiving address? Frank
  11. I wouldn't still have my V11 Rossa Corsa if I didn't have these mounted: http://motratech.com/Motratech/Welcome.html I also have the setup from RPM cycles that moved the clip ons up and back. Frank
  12. Thanks to all. I was finally able to download it on my main computer (Windows 10) by turning off McAfee - however, it appears you can't turn off McAfee through their settings application. I had to go to Windows System Configuration to turn it off. I was then able to download it. However, it wouldn't execute - ? because parts of McAfee are still active? Anyway, I copied it to my garage computer where I do my motorcycle work - an old laptop with Windows XP -and it works!! Frank
  13. Hi Meinolf I have downloaded that .zip probably 15 times and it never opens and when I extract it, there is only a statement stating that the file is empty. I had no problems with any of the other files. Is anybody willing to email me their executable for the IAW15x reader? Thanks. Frank
  14. Hi all: I've been following this thread recently and have gotten GuzziDiag programs downloaded to use on my LeMans Rossa Corsa with an IAW 15M.C7 MY 2002 ecu. I've gotten the cables and have successfully communicated with the ecu. However, the IAW15x reader that I downloaded is an empty file. Is this because of my computer or has the file been removed from the website.? I would like to have the reader if available. The IAW15x EEPROM reader works but it copies the files in a .eep extension and TunePro needs a .bin file. So, I'm unable to download my map to compare it. \ As an FYI: I recently bought a IAW15M .C5 V11 Lemans Sport ecu from Ebay and it works on my Rossa Corsa. I appreciate any help. Frank
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