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  1. As a kid I was always pretty impressed with amusement park rides, but they were always too short. My dad built me a lovely minibike when I was around 13, and I quickly realized that I could own the amusement park ride and that I got to say when it ended. I can't figure why everyone doesn't have a motorcycle or two but that and the good people in my life, sure make me feel lucky.
  2. you don't need one, you want one. It makes for better positive shifts. Some order more than one to get the numbers up to make a mfg run possible, and in case another V11 lands in the garage.
  3. just curious. anyone know why they call them idiot lights?
  4. welcome Anthony. ... and anotha GB500!
  5. And that, I do, now you mention it. Unintentionally I suppose as it's second nature. Riding for so long, like driving, so much becomes a natural activity.
  6. The transmission is not likely the culprit. The weak points for "mis-shifts" are as stated, poorly adjusted linkage, and the rider. Once the linkage is sorted one needs to "get to know" the needs of the shift process, ie: proper shift timing, rpm's and positive toe pressures. The V11 likes to be revved and will shift better at higher rpm. Adding a Lucky Phil/Chuck modified shift linkage arm will make it shift even better. ... and a Ballabio is just a trim package with the same drive train as the others.
  7. the Auxito linked here looks just like the Vintage Car bulb for less money but says 26w while the VC says 20w. is this a problem I wonder? If not I'll try them.
  8. get out of bed... head toward the coffee.... walk past that .... life is good!
  9. I just read through the thread and the linked thread... it doesn't get good reviews. I can't recall ever wishing my bike had one tho they can be handy if not too obtrusive. Welcome to the forum, ...cute dog
  10. Agreed. Older cars were basic and better for it. That said, 100k on a 60's car was considered high miles. 200k seems to be the new 100k. New cars are for convenience... till they are not. I think some repair requirements are there to give a boost to the dealers to keep them happy and prosperous. My 2010 Jeep Commander ignition key cost $170. to replace and $80. to program it. Reprogram done using the existing key, if I'd lost both keys?? tech said... "don't lose both keys"
  11. The Bronco is beautiful Tim. I would love to get one but it would have to fill the "other" car slot as my need for a truck is a priority. Too many $'s for a second vehicle, and that slot is already filled with a gas sipper. I won't bore with my lifelong vehicle anecdotes but with the exception of one Toyota, all my non Fords have been a disaster. Especially (that one time) GM. When we were in high school there was always a rivalry "General Morbidity" "Fix Or Repair Daily" "Dead Or Dying Garage Exhibit" .... good times!
  12. yep. I used silicone spray and many cuss words to do mine. I did not remove any manifold but did make and use different size hardwood 'pry bars' for leverage. I've ordered some of that P-80 for future. Silicone seems to evaporate but also seems to embed somewhat. Don't know long term effects but I've used it for years on many carb boots and similar applications. "seems" to make rubber fresh.
  13. So -- intrigued, due to my ever back of mind pursuit of an already in use (cheap) lightweight, reliable twin to use as a base to build up the ideal (and cheap) 2cyl dual sport bike, I did a small bit of research. Mostly looking to find the degree of the crank on the EX. I have a Yammie XS650 with the 360* so I know vibration intimately. I discover with dismay they make a nice version of the 500 for Euro only, called a KLE500. I'd consider owning one of them if I were allowed. I also discover a thread on the EX500 forum where po18guy provides a great explanation of crank and firing order for twins. That was a good find. Also discovered the TRX850 (also Euro only) from the same "guy". There is an interesting range of parallel twins from the 90's and 00's. Will pursue the 'new to me' EX a bit further.
  14. Frey do not worry. People will be people and do what they have to do. I appreciate any effort in someone trying to do something cool for the community. Several good things have come together for us here from member efforts just like yours. Sometimes they work out, sometimes not. I wouldn't have the patience for your endeavor, so kudos to you for it.
  15. Nice. You could cross-post this to 'what are you listening to?'
  16. Thanks once again Bill, good times.
  17. my exact sentiment. I look forward to seeing your vision complete
  18. The unridable Vincent is a beautiful piece of work. "the entire stage was shaking" is a Commando legacy. The XR750's were, and usually are, among my favorites. Thanks for sharing
  19. Awhile back I placed an order from McMaster for all relevant sized bolts in stainless, mostly socket head and include flat washers and Schnoor in several sizes. Small bags of each. Not a huge amount of money and darned handy to have a little hardware store in stash, having a few metric bikes. I replace everything with stainless where it's low torque or of no consequence.
  20. Early tank off bike and sealed up, but no lid. I poured 22.4 liter of water as accurately as I could measure, up to the bottom of the nylon collar, not touching it. Given the inevitable swelling, this supports the 5.8 gal capacity.
  21. I had the same weird problem you had.... It was this ^^^^
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