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  1. MGCycle doesn't refer to Valpolini, but these fit the "metal core with coating" description .... They don't list one for V11 but will these work for V11? http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=170_174&products_id=4634 Possibly they want to unload their paper gaskets firstIdk. Timing cover for V11... http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=170_174&products_id=5044
  2. Agreed. I have spent easily four times the amount of time experimenting with the finish as I did repairing. The hammering has changed the composition and "color" of the metal, and though I can make it more consistent with sanding, it's also more shit looking. Shoe shining it with metal sanding belt brings it back to as you see in the photo. Fortunately the damage is under the hanger strap and it doesn't show nearly as bad on the bike as in the photo. I have another idea to try yet, so I'm not giving up.
  3. A local enthusiast converted an 850T into an "S3" awhile back. Beautiful thing. I agree with your valuation 100%. Welcome to the forum.
  4. If your Mistral is Ti and built like this Guzzi Ti can, with a sleeve, 2 end caps, a strap covering the end caps, and some stuff inside, then drill out the rivets and pull it apart. Everything should slide out. Might be some sticky stuff holding the glass fiber, use yer knife. put the sleeve over something to use as a dolly and tap away, gently. Any imperfections in the dolly or hammer surface will show on the metal. get some new alm pop rivets and pop back together. 3m scratch pad and sand paper to get some finish back. polish if needed. It ain't perfect but it worked for me. Most of the damage was covered by the hanger strap. It only took a few hours and a year later I fell over again so I get to fix it again! (that's why alm rivets) A bit more difficult this time, as you can see on the end cap...
  5. New gaskets are in order. MGcycle has them BUT, wait for someone else to chime in with that type/brand of better gasket. I can't remember it, but I need to get some too.
  6. As I recall, Staintune are welded construction. Doesn't mean repair is impossible, just more difficult, ie; must be re-welded. Being stainless, they'll polish up nice. The type with riveted on straps and removable end caps are easy to repair. DIY. If the end caps aren't messed up. Carbon fiber is a different story.
  7. Brilliant video! I'll take the Lotus at the end.
  8. so which mufflers are you running WT? and what's needing fixed?
  9. I'm planning to go this time and thanks for the heads up. If you like traditional German food, bier, and live music, I recommend https://www.hofbrauhausnewport.com/ Easy access across the river in Newport, near the Aquarium and Newport on the Levee mall. Cross over Taylor Southgate bridge off Broadway. Saw my first Zydeco band there.
  10. This is a teensie bit disappointing...must say. Two months from now I'll be wondering "where did I see this info?", as I often do. The search feature is nice if you're clever to use the right word, but often won't, as you all know, turn up the (findable) post you may need. Thank you Docc, for your diligence in past efforts on topic organization. It's been so helpful. I assume you can still move/combine a new topic?
  11. so, it didn't connect to the post I asked it to so... scroll to 'Large Blocks, V10 V11' , then to 'V11 gear box spring break, the cause.' It's worth the trip https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  12. Another V11 forum?? in France? Welcome! is it this one? I'm sure Scud will have a few leftovers. Hope the link translates.. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  13. Has the 'non-contoured' base for early frame (red) Sports. Leather rider seating, the rest is vinyl. All panels and stitching in great shape. Has not been used much, no butt impressions, and padding is excellent. It won't work on later bikes without some seat base (or under seat) modification, that's why I'm selling. $200. includes shipping anywhere in USA-48.
  14. hell yeah, I can tell in the first few seconds of the excellent video ... SwooshDave!
  15. Yes true Docc. Ads often get the year wrong and we don't know how Japan 'dates' an import, possibly a holdover ... who knows? That's an '02 Scura fer shur.
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Scura-2004-in-stunning-condition/174124724816?hash=item288aa47250:g:16EAAOSwXqxd89oA It's just a stock Scura with the tank and tail replaced. Someone liked it better than the flat black. So do I. Half that price is high retail in US money. I have no problem with someone asking way too much. It's theirs to sell.
  17. Van's 'Into the mystic' is in my all time top 5 ... maybe 3. Glen Hansard of Swell Season covers it nicely .... Van fans..... , Glen meets Van for the first time ... pretty cool story
  18. I use this on the front nipple, wheel off.
  19. some useful reading to start on the clutch journey
  20. It looks like a Rosso Mandello tank fitted. 4-6k $US imo.
  21. Hi WT, Ram made a single plate clutch kit with steel flywheel for your 6 speed -- but no longer. A similar kit is available for a 5 speed. Your Scura has the correct and necessary oem clutch hub, which you will need if using the RAM 5 speed kit available here http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193&products_id=1698. Two other parts will need seeing to. The pressure actuating rod and matching cup. These are slightly different sizes in the two kits but can be made to work. This should make a RAM 5 speed kit work as a 6speed kit as the rest is the same. There is a trove of info on this subject on the forum. Search aluminum flywheel, exploding flywheel, RAM clutch. Some have opted for replacement with the standard twin plate clutch for the 6 speed. Any V11 6 speeder will work... rumored Centauro? Griso?... I don't know The lighter clutched motor does spin up a bit quicker but not a drastic difference. I own and ride both. The pull at the lever is just the slightest bit lighter from dual plate to oem single plate. The RAM single plate unit 'pull' is noticeably lighter than the oem single plate, which I have installed in the Tenni. It is a sweet clutch. I'd recommend it. Welcome to the forum sir. umm, we like pictures
  22. Yes, get her straightened up plumb so you can gain a good view of everything. There is a lot going on here. The right side hanger/muffler is meant to be out further, but does not need to be out 'that' far. The sub frame anchor points may be/and can be, bent some (take care). The mufflers mount point could be hanging/or hung on either side of the bracket, and washers may be/could be used here. The mufflers can be 'turned' slightly, on the crossover to achieve height variation. All these points can be used to get them more symmetrical. The PO of my 2000 messed with it till perfection, using a combo of these things. Forgot to ask... stock mufflers? Aftermarket cans with a separate mid-pipe have even more room to play. The main hanger bracket is cast and might break if you try to bend it, though it may be bent already.
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