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  1. it's on ebay as well https://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Moto-Guzzi-V11/123933392343?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 the unusual thing is, it has 60 watchers! 60!
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ yes, ..most certainly. And the green, I suppose, ....could be considered, in future,.... a "replica" color scheme, and be less desirable.?. In any scenario, black will be the black sheep no doubt.
  3. Are there build numbers lurking somewhere, by color? Dumb question.... of course there are! but can they be found? I'm pitifully addicted to searching the 'guzzi for sale' and see mostly green ones, half as many silver, and rarely one in black. I would envision many years from now, the green being the most sought after color, because of the homage to the original.
  4. looks like a good one. you should give her a home
  5. these come up for sale every so often for 3 - 5k (reasonable in my world) I'd like to have one
  6. thanks Marty. "tank strap" whodathunkit? I knew you knew by those lovely Ti hangers you made for me. They are still 'in waiting' for that special project I have yet to get to. This winter lay-up, I promise. My oem Ti can ones are getting a bit wimpy and need to be replaced. This is needed I think, to tighten up the sloppiness that can cause can damage at the strap. Will be in touch for sure if I need you. Thanks again
  7. that appears to be it, but out of stock and no size choice thank you sir
  8. the plastic edge piece for the strap. 'plastic edge trim' search gets me one edge. I can't find it if I don't know what the hell it is.
  9. strange. on my phone it's fuzzy. on my desktop and laptop it's clear, until I enlarge it
  10. Wouldn't call it a hijack luhbo, it's all relevant to Kane's query. And, I sure don't want to start a tire thread here. There are plenty of good tires. It's just not the usual for me to hear negative ratings for Avon, and I was curious, as I respect your input here. I have Roadsmart 3's on the Sport Nero at the moment, and like them very much. Avon's on the Tenni, though they came 'newish', but not fresh, from my parts bike, so that and the frame differences to the red frame, make a comparison unfair. First time for Avon on this bike, and they work well for me. I'm with you on the front springs, mine (red frame) work well for my needs. Does raising the rear with a longer shock create the same instability conditions as lowering the tubes in the clamps, or is that different geometry altogether? I raised the rear on my R1100s to accommodate a 180, and did see an improvement. Thanks and thanks to Kane
  11. So, what is your tyre brand preference and what are your thoughts on rear spring mods?
  12. looks very cozy down there. how long is the expected hibernation?
  13. I agree. Ageing tires won't properly represent the bikes handling capabilities. It's always good to know the baseline in a new relationship. Shinko makes a good tire. Great maybe, for the niche they're in. I have them on 2 bikes, a dual purpose and a 650 vintage "scrambler". Both bikes rarely see 60 mph. I would not put them on my fast-n-fun bikes. Both Guzzi have Avon at he moment, and the FJ09 has Dunlop Roadsmart.
  14. From an ad for a 2001 Rosso Mandello #261... " This bike’s black engine paint, like all early production V11s, exhibits the unintended original factory “crinkle coat” finish (see pic) " Here ...https://raresportbikesforsale.com/tag/rosso-mandello/ also, I seem to recall Adam's stunning RM (at SSR15) having the bubble paint. I suspect Guzzi bodged the black paint from the start.. till sometime in '02. Unless one is certain of the bikes history, how does one tell if if it's a warranty replacement? I have seen bikes advertised stating such. Also, a bike that's had any motor work done would surely have the paint seen to at that time.
  15. I guess I didn't realize the silver block's were even painted .
  16. welcome Kelly, until you get a "new" forum spring, be sure to carry an extra old one. it work's as a talisman to keep the other from breaking! There's also a thread somewhere for roadside repair of a broken spring. just in case
  17. buy them all. you will wish you had someday. they all are reasonably priced imo.
  18. Guzzi offered replacement engine cases under warranty, so there will be those found with nice paint jobs.
  19. hmmm... maybe just a fur ball. And seafoam is a good idea. The 'Italian tune up' she's getting on the way home has got to be helping.
  20. on the early sport, the frame is different so wheelbase is 19mm shorter, . and all '02 and up, the frame is braced better.
  21. Adventure! Sounds of intermittent fuel starvation from.... idk, stressed pump, mashed potatoes in the lower reaches of the fuel tank? what was fuel level when this happened? Just shite gas on the last fill up? throw some fuel additive in just for kicks. WAS there vacuum in the tank when you popped the lid?
  22. If the greenie is the one on CL in Covina, I would check out myself if I weren't 2000 miles away.
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