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  1. I wasn't too bothered by the bubbling paint, but I did take advantage of the motor being out for clutch replacement to strip and paint it. I did not do the transmission as it did not seem affected. If the motor is not being removed, I would touch up with brushed flat black hobby enamel. The rest of the bike showing is pretty clean, how many miles on her?
  2. Why just the caps? easier than dealing with the coil end? just curious as I have a damaged cap and deciding how best to proceed.
  3. I'm gonna guess.... a half degree will bring the front axle 7-8 mm closer
  4. Docc, there was speculation re my Sport and the half degree. With frame # 112086 it seems it falls into that group. Maybe at SSR there would be enough guys present to get a fairly accurate wheelbase comparison.. just fer kicks.
  5. "a drunkards dream if I ever did see one...." The Band
  6. I'm with you on the crossover without a bracket. The complete exhaust then hangs from the exhaust ports and the muffler hangers. Weight and vibration. Not terrible, but a concern for me using Ti cans and thin can straps. I'd be concerned how the can bracket fastens to your CF jackets, or metal beneath. A xover bracket could be fabbed and welded on (could steal the one from the stock unit). I replaced my xover with Stucchi.
  7. Agreed Tinus.. mine from Harbor Freight (China discount store) were $8. 10 years ago and have surprised me with dependability. Still on orig battery.
  8. Hey Vic, the reproductions made by EMGO are exact replicas, and very nice. I can't tell the diff, but for a small 'EMGO' at the bottom. I use them after scratching/breaking originals. These are 'likely' EMGO and they may be found cheaper. http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=41&products_id=3016
  9. I can't answer that but I found one used last year and can say they are very nice. A bit lop sided viewed from the rear but it's a lop sided rear end isn't it. Fits close to the tire, nice CF, and plenty stiff.
  10. is the tapered end a "tool" or for access?
  11. ok, go to "clues" ....(Sized from 5/8 to7/8" box end and one with a tapered tail.) tapered tail... hmmmm ... why in the frak would you need a tapered tail?
  12. alright then. After looking at this Allison V-1710, I'm going with something on IT. somewhere everywhere. Exhaust manifold would take care of on wrench.
  13. wrenches to get to things no other wrench can. since there's an airplane in your avitar I'm gonna say airplane motor.... ? no wait ... P-38 gun installation!
  14. wow Tom, Norway is looking Good about now
  15. ok, that pin! thanks
  16. thanks guys. I've done net searches but so far a waste of time. I will return to my bearing dealer, just down the street and ask again. He told me once, I wrote it down and promptly lost it. He was very helpful and sold me NTN brand as their high end. (the ones with the BLLC3) Made in USA. I got some SKF's from Bulgaria off ebay for my stash. Any 'western world' country is ok with me. Just not interested in countries whose factories aren't terribly interested in making a good impression on me. Yes, I know China can produce quality product, ...they will remain at the bottom of my list. I will return with what I find out
  17. I can not recall the meaning/designation (or the thread with the answer) of the numbers and letters following the bearing number. ie; 6204-2RSH/C3 or 6205-LLBC3/EM I used to know
  18. oops, I shoulda said all V11 frames have them. afaik it came down from the Sport 1100 having a fixed fairing (another source for a fairing stay) and of course the V11 Sport using much the same frame. My 2000 sport has them. I sold my extra fairing but you can get a look at the std LM bracket here to see how one of these, altered to fit the Laverda might be of some help.
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