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  1. I use it for the front tire and fork work too. It holds the bike upright from the rear and while using ratchet straps from handlebars to rafters, I use a padded floor or scissors jack under the front of the sump. It seems sketchy at first but with tight "splayed" straps I feel safe with it. Don't know what a new Becker Technik comes with but I use an 18" - half inch drive breaker bar in the jack arm. From the side stand I can hold the handlebars with both hands and operate the jack with my foot. It's an awkward dance till you sort it out. If you chock the front tire first there's no balance problems at all.
  2. I tried the copy link and it just copied the link what is meant by 'added to attachments'
  3. Very scary. Good job getting it out of traffic and shut down fast.
  4. While pursuing the same fix as you are now, back in 2015?, I came across the heater hose fix iirc here on this forum. I used 3/4 id Insulone hose cut into 3 pieces (1 long 2 short) and 2 copper plumbing angles to make the hard bends and create a similar shape to oem. Can't recall what size or degree of bend the copper was. 45 or 90 My set up is still there and still clean and solid 6-7years later. That said,.. heater hose mfg specify "not suitable for fuel or oil". And THAT said, It would appear to me that the oem hose is also not particularly suitable for fuel or oil. Also realize that my bike has done less than 1000mi per year since then, but the gasses have still been a factor and ymmv. I won't be replacing my "fix" till it shows some kind of breakdown. I will pursue something better next time. https://www.daycoaftermarket.com/en/product/insulone-heater-hose/ I probly got mine at NAPA... copper at Lowes I used screw hose clamps (that everyone says not to) cuz I'm a rebel I love Harpers but don't trust it being in stock IN their possession, call to verify.
  5. this be the one, if they had it in stock https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=71&products_id=1186 I did the heater hose/copper fittings install several years ago. My bike doesn't do a lot of miles but it has held up without leaks. I'll give it a close inspection this off season.
  6. as docc suggests.... "crankcase vent tube and its connection at the top of that junction" - eliminate this possible first. 8 out of 10 leaks in the area you are referring to come from cracks in the vent tube. As an added benefit you'll be seeing to a known issue these bikes have, even if it's not the source.
  7. highest rez I could find. would print a 12X16 maybe a bit bigger (double click for full)
  8. Looks great. Can't wait for the conversion and the ride report.
  9. @p6x seems here we are once again. I'm certainly grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  10. ahhh, I wonder if your '02 had the block replaced under warranty due to bubbling paint. That was one of the options. Seems odd they'd leave off a s/n though. I have seen early Triumph cases with a blank spot. What is the condition of the block paint? you would use number/letter stamp tools, but be very careful
  11. "want me to start a couple rows back?, uh ok" -- lead in 15 seconds
  12. It's a little late in the season for wooly worms but I hit one with my front tire in a similar turn and it brought me down immediately. Like hitting a teaspoon of grease just right.
  13. so true docc. Clearly '02 config. I had to check the archives. I labeled it '03, makes me think it was advertised that way or . Anyway... carryover color? one of my faves! Doesn't @antmanbee have one of these?
  14. I was so close to buying this... several years ago. Down south somewhere Alabama, Miss maybe..
  15. at this point in "LeMans" evolution I'd say it's just a fairing and a sticker. I see why a Sport is a Sport but I don't understand why the earlier spines, the faired 1100 SportI, Spot, etc were not called LeMans. What were they waiting for, the '02 version? My BMV has no LeMans designation so my LM is titled "Sport" ....and the very early LM's had a quarter fairing.
  16. great idea docc. The whole 'carryover thing' is especially confusing to new owners. My first query would be, did the '03 (factory) designation start with production dates or the vin frame stamp. Since it seems clear they started '03 bikes before running out of '02 parts, there may be different differences in the carryovers. ie; fork tube size or bubbling block paint. Having a carryover is not a problem, I actually prefer some of the earlier items. If I was an owner I'd just go down the list of '03 upgrades and verify which ones ended up on my bike. Knowing all the upgrades is the key.
  17. good condition, very low miles and with some very desirable and expensive options puts it in to the 'quite reasonable/good deal' category. If it were a LOT closer I'd gamble, or at least see if he would knock off $900. toward the service to have it updated.
  18. any possibility of contacting prior owners? The original purchaser maybe?
  19. this is what I would order for my stock '02 https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=79_333&products_id=967 this is what I would order for my '03 Rosso (replacement forks in my '02) Ohlins forks https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=79_333&products_id=4720 and I would order them from MGCycle. but that's just me. be careful ordering parts that don't list your bike specifically. And as docc said, if your '03 is a carryover, consider it an '02.
  20. fwiw, my '02 LM stock forks are 54mm at the clamp and 40mm sliders. my Ohlins replacement forks from an '03 LM Rosso are 54mm at the clamp and 43mm sliders. Some of the catalog confusion may be due to model designation.
  21. Applies to many a business but in home remodel we offer... good fast cheap choose two
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