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  1. you had the antithesis of my (last) weekend. good on ya
  2. I can't make a fair comment as I don't run baffles and would recommend leaving them out. I take it easy around the house and the neighbors make plenty of noise so that's a wash. I'd be tempted to make the half inch hole a lot bigger since I'm playin anyway. Make sure the rest of the exhaust system has no leaks, at the head too.
  3. Now you're trackin' ... I wish I were his age, riding that thing to the local vino-formaggio on Friday night in Mandello del Lario with a copy of Farwell to Arms in my pocket. Another itch, another upside
  4. Ha, just reading Faloon' Moto Guzzi Story and read that bit last night. What a tribute. Good book so far...
  5. It's interesting how people get to where they are in life, with the activities and events they enjoy. Opportunities presented, choices made, lessons learned, then here we are. My Dad built me a mini bike when I was 13 and started my life long motorcycle infatuation. Whatever direction life took, motorcycles were there, along for the ride. Even the times I didn't possess one, one possessed me. I've often had the feeling, as Chuck expressed, the bike "disappears" from beneath me. Oddly, I'm inclined to close my eyes for as long as I can (not very) to fully experience the "flight". Airplanes
  6. footgoose

    '03 V11's

    the main thing that comes to mind re the '03's is that the first ones were '02 carryovers. '02 spec sold as '03. The head pipe balance pipe first came on the '03 spec bikes. The "mid bike" balance or crossover came on all models. 03 spec came with better paint on the drive train, semi glossy not wrinkle finish. 03 spec came with no chin pad on the tank and a fuel pump inside the tank replaced the frame mounted one.
  7. Didn't. I will have to replace it. It was determined to be the 'no charge' problem.
  8. yes. There many junk parts for sale on ebay it seems. wild hope that it sells is all I can figure. if someone gave that thing to me I would pitch it out.
  9. Had a great time again! The Tenni broke down on the first day. Voltage reg. Thanks to Eric and Docc and Gary and Andy and Rick for sorting me out to do the fix when she gets home. The accumulated knowledge and desire to help of these gents is priceless. [img]https://static.imgzeit.com/reduced/f2eff9abf8f5b556/IMG_3415.jpg[/img]
  10. Most likely docc. says "total amount needed" 0.870li -- that would make it 435ml per side. idk maybe start with 400 and then measure? who has a stat on this?
  11. the ground often 'suspect' seems to be at the upper right bolt at the back of the transmission. Pull the bolt and clean all surfaces. Replace with DeOxit or something equiv. Your bike's only 16 years old but as a vintage bike enthusiast I can tell you, moisture and corrosion will take a toll. I won't babble on about things I've seen but will suggest to you to start with the basics. Positively fresh and clean the fuel system (all of it), grounds and connectors refreshed, and have no doubts about your intake rubbers, including balance nipple hose or caps. If unsure about the battery have it
  12. or ... "Docc is about 170 soaking wet" I'm not sure which quote wins the day
  13. welcome Paul, and wife... to the forum and to the "raid". Hope you can make it, this time or next. You've landed in a piece of America that'll make you wonder if the Creator of the Earth had motorcycle riding in mind.
  14. Yes, you have an early riders manual. I checked my stash of stuff and found this one.
  15. to your original point.... the rider manual is not the best. I didn't get the correct one from new. Instructions can be vague or incomplete.
  16. hmmm they Are different caps than earlier ones. Good catch
  17. It's likely just the left cap was replaced or mistakenly used. Treat the left r as a c and see what happens.
  18. Sì, sono bellissime e staranno benissimo sulla V11 Yes they are beautiful and will look great on the V11 Pubblica alcune foto della tua V11 quando puoi. Post some photos of your V11 when you can di che anno sono le marmitte Triumph? È una R? what year Triumph are the mufflers from? Is it an R?
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