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V11 for sale online/ Craigslist and all others


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14 minutes ago, LowRyter said:



otherwise $7500 is a real bargain.  :rasta:

Some 8% of the male population have "red-green shift color blindness." Legnano Green would not look to "green" to those folks at all.

V11 Sport and LeMans variants are generally becoming worth more and more than us long-timers would think. Especially for those "unmolested" examples.

As for me, I would want a little something extra for the molestation. That has been a ton of time and effort invested in intentional groping and fondling . . .  :huh:  :whistle:

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Relay bypass surgery, Roper plate,evap garbage removal, what else? I'd like to work towards "priceless" ...uh yeah mosfet, etc...I imagine that it is like an old world cathedral; when the work is completed the world ends. 🙃

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Yes very nice............ looks the part as well with the unobtanium factory Ti-Racing exhaust system which looks damage free.

Shame about the non factory painted valve covers and what looks to be possibly aftermarket carbon like turn signals.

Its good to see that there are still nice ones out there.



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1 minute ago, fotoguzzi said:

My friends 02 Scurra went through 2 in 70,000 miles.



Such a familiar image. Does anyone know of another failure example? Or have another image besides this one?

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