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2014 Stelvio NTX


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25 minutes ago, activpop said:

Interesting that this guy has two for sale. Seems to be reasonable pricing for both. Maybe better than that...as @Twin AH said...a virtual steal


A three thousand mile Nevada bike for $5000? "Reasonable", indeed . . .


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On 10/31/2023 at 9:05 PM, Speedfrog said:

Thanks for the tip!!

Currently in Paris (France), checking out all the Motorcycle stores and replenishing my riding gear...

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On 11/2/2023 at 10:18 AM, Twin AH said:

That is a virtual steal.............. You wont find much in other manufacturers offerings for twice that money JMHO is all.


I did have a time to drop a line to the seller;

This Stelvio was in storage for 5 years in a trailer.

No maintenance, no startup, no ride. There are a lot of unknowns. He cleaned the tank, changed the fluids. Is it sufficient? what else should be looked at?

Starting up myself...

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It will be like starting with a virtually new bike. It will need the usual CARC bike stuff, swingarm bearings and shock linkages greased, check the drain hoses from the airbox are intact and plugged, sump spacer gasket replacing, (Optional but recommended.) and a full service and tune by someone who knows what they are doing. Apart from that. Press the button and watch the horizon come towards you. Don't buy 'Tuning' shit from charlatans and you'll be fine

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19 hours ago, p6x said:

This Stelvio was in storage for 5 years in a trailer.

Hhhmmm Love the bike,almost bought it's twin a few years ago.:grin:

Could be a smoking deal,but getting pushed around a garage every now and then for 5 years in storage,is different than being sealed up with no air movement,possibly high heat or high humidity;especially if it happened to be in a coastal area.

A while back,I almost bought a gorgeous looking black & gold special edition,MG Convert,that had spent a few years stored in a dry shed in the UK.

Long story short,the salty humid air in that British climate, had caused lots of hidden corrosion damage, including the swing arm pivot threads:homer:

They haven't made Stelvios for a while.

Owners seem to be holding onto them. I'm not seeing that many for sale in Canada;definitely been a long time since I've seen one that minty:thumbsup:

Eyes open,buyer beware,yadda yadda yadda.

I'm glad it's your decision & not mine:D




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5 hours ago, 80CX100 said:

I'm glad it's your decision & not mine:D.

I try to be rational and patient. When I started to look for a Le Mans, I resisted better deals because I wanted it red. Sometimes paying less ends up costing more.

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No humidity in his neck of the woods but as was mentioned moisture can wreak havoc. Not sure though what the heat would do. After all, they get hot every time you ride, so maybe not a big issue. I like that orange!

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