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    This year's Greeny parade, 3 of 4. After 20 years still the biggest group, even without the other 4 KRs of other colours (2 and 2)
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    Update on" Guzzi goes to the Manx-" bike now with doctor for fettling/wiring - hope to collect this Saturday - boat from Belfast on Sunday morning - travelling in buddies camper with 3 bikes on trailer as the Isle of Man Steam Packet company want a small fortune to ship the bikes on their own - shipping company also referred to as the Steam Racket Company. Also saves piling furniture on the bike as the gear travels in the camper. Have further technical question for you guys - where can the flange for the rear shock adjuster be sourced? Currently held on with 2, ahem, zip ties. Now that works but has no class so the right part would look so much better. Also another thought flitted across my mind, should I expect some issues with ethanol and a plastic fuel tank at nearly 18 years of age? Will try to post a few piccys of the bike and Monas Isle - going to the Island without a bike is a bit like going to a bordello with a chastity belt on. First went back in 1975 and from then to 1984 attended regularly - highlight was seeing Mike Hailwoods return in 78 on a Ducati, when he was so unfancied and written off as a has-been but proceeded to spank Hondas arse - great moment. Ciao
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    Testimony to our solid, steadfast, and caring community that a guy comes on terribly frustrated and ready to bail and people all over the world jump in to help him fix it and stay on . . .
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    Just because the odo is turning on a Vague lia doesn't mean that the speedo has to pay attention.
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    you can be such a ninny sometimes. Edited to add: I do love you though. (and it's much much much more expensive than $700)
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    "He" is me, @vtwins4life. I know I'm starting "high," especially when compared to the standard V11s that sit for months on Craigslist at sub-$5k prices. But Rosso Mandellos are extremely rare and that spare tank alone is worth a bundle, I imagine. I couldn't find a single Rosso Mandello for sale anywhere with a price in extensive research, and almost nothing in the last three or four years. Based on pricing of other also-nearly non-existent special models, and extensive conversations at this year's Quail Motorcycle Gathering, I chose $8k as a perhaps-high-but-seemingly-reasonable starting point. Interested parties are welcome to make an offer, of course, but I'm not going to let it go for the price of a rusty greenie with crashmarks on both sides. If it doesn't sell, maybe I'll just keep it and fire it up to listen to the Magnis now and then. Maybe I'll sell off some of the parts and reduce the price some. Maybe I'll cut it up and make something with ergos that work for my newly-"reconfigured" leg, and sell off the bodywork. Oh, the humanity! Serious question: what do you think it's worth, and what is that number or range based on?
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    The first diagram has the start relay supplied direct from the battery, it will deliver 40+ Amps to the starter relay each and every time. The second diagram feeds the juice through a fuse, all the way to the front of the bike through the wimpy switch and tiny wires then all the way back to the relay, it will be lucky to get 30 Amps to the starter relay, more likely low 20s. This is the sort of wiring all the modern Guzzis are fighting , MPH are selling their Startus Interruptus kits by the thousand, all it does is adds wiring to make it more like No 1 What neither of these drawings show you is the correct starter wiring, there are 2 coils inside the solenoid, one that draws 11 Amps at 12 Volts and the other that draws 48 Amps at 12 Volts When I say 40+ Amps I'm allowing for some Voltage drop. My first Guzzi was 2001 VII Sport was wired like the first one, I couldn't figure out what Startus Interuptus was all about until I took the time to measure the solenoid. The coil shown on Guzzi diagrams is the one that measures 1.05 Ohms, Measure your solenoid from the spade connector to chassis, see what you get. For a giggle Google "MPH Startus interuptus kit", makes me sad that Guzzi have been struggling with this for 40 years and are still pushing bikes out the door doomed to fail.
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    Texted docc earlier this evening that I'm in again this year. Might as well move up there, made 3 bike trips to Tellico area and North Carolina best scenic twisty roads since mid July this year. Pat from Normandy, TN
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    I preemptively installed circuit breakers just in case I have an issue. I cleaned the contacts with Caig detox and just this weekend I pulled them all out and the relays and sprayed everything down with ACF-50 (I use that stuff on my semi truck and it works...rare in this day of BS Snake Oil) ACF-50 Underwater Test along with most of the connections..
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    It's different from the 00/01s and 03/04s Just trying out imgzeit..
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    20th century bike.. what can I say?
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    interesting, i just assumed they were stock as they sure look like it at first glance. they sound fine so no complaints! if I did swap i might go CF to match the bike better as its already got CF bits and pieces.. but its not a priority.
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    Looks in great shape for that mileage. Ciao
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    I had the same problem. You need to replace the indicator bulb in the dash panel with a pair of green LEDs back to back, and wire a ground to the back. Otherwise all the indicators will find a ground though that little bulb to the other half of the circuit. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20690-led-blinkers-lr-blinking-at-the-same-time/&do=findComment&comment=238063
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    Sorry I can't answer your question but, if you still have the OEM aluminum flywheel installed, it would be a wise choice to replace it with a new steel one. In this case, either a complete standard dual plate clutch assembly, or a RAM lightened single plate like this http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193&products_id=1698 Note, this is for a 5 speed as the one for a 6 speed is no longer made. You'll need to be aware of a few changes. If you still have the Scura OEM clutch, you will have the critical piece... the clutch hub. The other difference is the actuating rod "cup" hole diameter. (easy fix) Read this thread if you have not already. There are other threads pertinent to the topic on the forum.
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    Ball sockets Mercedes Benz P/N A0009930461, and Volvo P/N 946703 both work. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19266-throttle-body-balance-rod-repair/&do=findComment&comment=208046
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    Exactly, it's a matter of finding those handful of buyers. The only thing you have working against you is that 90% of American motorcyclists have no idea what a Guzzi V11 is. Thus, it will probably take longer to find a buyer. Incidentally, to my surprise, I ended up selling my Scura on eBay to a buyer on the other side of the states. Spread your net far.
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    That's good because if you cheat on an English vehicle there will be repercussions.
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    Anyone have experience fitting 1100 California wire wheels on a v11 sport? Love to swap off the mags but looks like front is an 18" (stock sport is 17"). Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences y'all want to share? Oh and BTW this bike has a power commander... So maybe that would be important to the discussion....
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    You probably had some air in the system before you replaced the levers so it was a little spongy which would give you an engagement point closer to the bar. Now with the system bled the engagement point is further out because the system has less sponge in it. Dont your new levers have adjustable reach? BTW the best method for bleeding by light years is with a pressure bleeder. You can buy one in the states for $60. Thats what I did. Vacuum bleeding is pretty rubbish and there is always the risk that when manual bleeding you push the master piston a lot deeper in the cylinder than normal and risk seal damage from the seal passing over an area it doesn't normally see. Pressure bleeding avoids this and makes fluid flushing really easy. Ciao
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    a good flush with new fluid may solve your problem.
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    Guess, I should have assumed it to have been here first. Nice looking bike!
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    I’m sorry to read of this. I hope you get to a place where at least you won’t be hurting 24/7 I didn’t go through what you did, but depending on the morning.. sometimes it sounds like popcorn being made. I certainly can emphasize with you. Good luck on recovery, oh and if I may.. I’ve found that ubiquinol is very helpful in healing. It is a building block our bodies use.
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    I don't have a specific answer for you, but I have had good results doing general cleaning/lubrication of switchgear and connectors, and most important is KiwiRoy's relay base repair. I opened up the handlebar switchgear, cleaned, and lubed using automotive electrical switch grease: Lubriplate DS-ES. Dirt and moisture in switches does bad things. https://www.lubriplate.com/Products/Grease/Multi-Purpose-Greases/DS-ES/DS-ES/DS-ES,-1-75-OZ-TUBE/ KiwiRoy's relay base repair has helped 2 bikes over here. I have found poor spade connector tension the base, and also pushed back base connectors. I put some foam plastic tape wound between the relays to limit movement from vibration. So far, so good. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20534-relay-base-repair/&do=findComment&comment=172857 Some might call this the wild flailing method of maintenance, but sometimes it works.
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    As with any used purchase, there’s always a few special surprises waiting.. this bike is no exception. After dutifully reading the forums I purchased all new relays and circuit breakers. When I went to install them I find that someone(s) has been rather industrious. I see a extra 30amp fuse and what appears to be a ancillary fuse block. Seems to me the fuel pump that was replaced by the goof balls at Flying Tiger Motorcycles is just sitting there being secured by gravity and ignorance. I did find a PCIII buried in the back of the little cubby hole so that’s kinda cool. I was wondering why it ran so nice with the airbox lid being modified. Docc.. view at your own discretion!! It seems to me that this pump isn’t set up correctly Is this fuse block OEM or RNE (Red Neck Engineering) ? Circuit Breakers snuggled in perfectly. New upgraded Relays reporting for duty Here is a 30amp in-line fuse just hanging out... I did do at least one minor upgrade, installed these very thick aluminum guards.
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    I just bought a new oil pressure switch from mg cycle.. I think it was $10.64... FWIW: I’ve seen some really weird electrical crap in the 20+ years I’ve owned my semi truck. Don’t discount anything...you would be amazed at the stuff I’ve found and had to deal with. trying working backwards.. if it was working correctly before you fiddled with it.. trace your steps back. Sending electrical gremlin repellent mojo at ‘cha!
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    The throttle plates need to be held open 3.2-3.6º to idle. (Or something near that. But won't likely idle with the plates entirely closed in the bores.)
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    When you go to install this , remove the shift lever bolt 8mm dia. I think . the nut at the inside is a jam nut so loosen it 1 turn and unscrew the pivot bolt . Remove and grease everything .
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    That seems rather un-pilot-like . . . When was the last time the ignition switch was inspected for broken wires, cleaned and restored?
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    The Idea is to upgrade from the external pump to what i consider a much better set up. My plan is to have the bike set up properly before sending it to Stradafab. The tank will be reproduced in carbon fiber so the paint is a non issue. Seeing as how it's very hard to find a tank and pump without paying $2,500 for brand new is how i assumed it was a decent score. Once they are done using it to make the cf one, then i can recoup a portion of the money by reselling it. I have started my tank off checklist as per Docc's list and i ran out of daylight today. Few pics... What a mess...How sad someone(s) let this poor girl be abused to this degree. Slowly she's going to get better! Sunday will start with a big cup of coffee and i'm going to start setting shit straight
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    No mounting changes necessary. All lines up. I ganged the wires for the pump and fuel level together into one 4 pin deutsch connector. Much nicer than the oem weathepack style connectors. Another thing I did was to buy a couple goodridge quick disconnects and use those on the fuel send and return lines. That was so that I don't have to bother with the Guzzi quick disconnects that are a real pain in the ass to get on and off, and if you break the plastic spigots on the pump while wrestling with them, you have to replace the whole farking thing. I do recommend having the tank lined with epoxy before painting.
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    I had the decals made. i ordered 10.. anyone who would like one it’s $2 each free postage for citizens of ‘merica
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    I fancy the green and to accentuate the red elements - so get red Eagle/Moto Guzzi tank badges and pick up the red stuff (inc the horns) so it'll look spanking Also those exhausts - I like the up-swept angled ones maybe carbon or effect. I used to have a Suzuki TL1000 and had lovely carbon cans on that at high level. Ahh Luhbo - thank you for that input too. I think I'm going to do green as its the colour that makes my heart flutter when I see it. I don't think it gets better than that..... a bit like looking at Daenerys Targaryen
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    Mikko, seeiing you realy doing lots of things to your bike,,, engine work, carbon fiber tank, Duc front,,, love simplicity special when it comes to electric solutions. That would be my wildest dream for my V11, a few marine quality wires to get her running with fuel injection, yes today I would want that, specially with upgraded motor IMHO. Love my old Tonti 992 ccm with 40mm Delorto too,, BUT. I mean basic you dont have to worry to much about the mechanical part of the V11, somebody out the in the electric world, Yes please. Just around 4500km with the new charging system Shindengen 847,,, cool regulator and stator, 30 amp on holiday,,, nock on wood. Im a grown water well driller, mostly used to 15kg 90mm spanners , I just want her to run the way she tells you, OOOK,,, after 4500 rpm. So whos capable of making that,, Im in. Carbon wheels ? would be nice,, but probably $$$. Sorry a lot of thoughts, well meant d Have fun with the build,,,, will follow. ( freight to Norway would have killed the Øhlins deal ) Cheers tom.
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    WELL I BE DAMNED!!! I went out and checked what you guys told me too and low and behold it must have been a bad connection on one of the relays.... I switched em around and now its all normal! (I swear I checked em before!)
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    I learned from a Ducati guy just to turn them upside down. The hole disappears and the smooth top is even cleaner than the plug. Visible here with one of my "intermediate" speedometer solutions . . Also, if you have not already, slip a "Zip-tie" through the hollow lever pivot. If the weak spring steel nut drops off the bottom unnoticed, the pivot pin can jump out and take the lever (and your front brakes ) with it . . .
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    Never. The Murphys already had emigrated to Italy those days
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    Yeah, the drawing was elucidating, far better than what I have. But I was referring to your lucid explanation.
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    How much will this be ? Post pics when you get it . You know these tanks expand/contract as much as your lungs ?
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    Fantastic. They arrived today. 2,5 days USA - Norway. Now I am back in business helping Guzzi injection drivers. Rolf
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    IPA process, usually around 7.6% Cheers tom Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    Buddy , with bearings now . I don't know which brand is best . I would buy SKF deep groove bearings . I used to have that info in the basket next to me but..... Just make sure it is not Made in China . Everything from chewing gum to dog food is made there now . UGH !
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    Wish I had your energy, Scud.. I detest beating on automotive crap. Speaking of that.. where's the hammer? Nice work, though.
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    Ooo, fitting the round head covers would be a nice look. Thanks for all the info guys! It’s great to be made aware of all the possible options Hi guys, I was in the Quail Lodge Motorcycle Gathering this weekend.... great event. My V11 was on display, and got a lot of positive comments. Just recently added the aftermarket alloy covers with GUZZI on them in a raw cast finish... here are 3 pics of my V11 at the show: There was also a sweet Guzzi custom on display behind me, and he had the polished rounded covers (with adapter plate) on a square-fin (1100?) engine. Not noticing that at the time, I asked him if it's an 850 and he said 'yes', but he wasn't the owner.... he was showing the bike for the owner in Hong Kong. Looks like it's a V11 engine in an older frame, but I'm sort of a newbie with identifying the older version frames... Just that the rounded, polished valve covers made me immediately think it was an 850... it's a beauty! Here's a pic: One more photo from the show, this one of a Morgan-style Aero Cycle Cars 3 wheeler, with V11 Guzzi power!: See ya! BLIGHT
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    Here's to Marabese I think the V11 is his piece de resistance. Apparently, he did too . . . The photos of him with the early production V11 and prototype tail section are precious.
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    RIP, sir.. your legacy *will* live on.
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