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    Drove past one of the mosques where the shooting occurred yesterday and am staying in a motel only about a km away. There are still three armed cops outside but they, and everyone else, seemed fairly relaxed. It's amazing what an incredible amount of solidarity this tragedy has engendered in NZ and the prime minister and the rest of the parliament have behaved with a level of strength, leadership and decorum that should be a blazing torch for other polities around the globe. When I look at the enormous, raging clusterfuques that represent most other English speaking 'Democracies' at the moment it is reassuring to see that the system can work and it is possible to say no to bigotry and hate. Would that my own country would embrace such high minded and common sense ideals. Sadly I fear that successive governments of all stripes have allowed racists to crawl out from under their rocks without being stamped on immediately. That, along with social media platforms that allow isolated individuals to band together and reinforce each other's hate have made a fertile dung-heap in which bigotry can thrive. In my youth I spent a fair bit of time at anti racism marches, sometimes even punching on with racists. I was really hoping to have left all that behind but now, in my sixties and half a world away from the country of my youth it looks like I may have to do it again! That sucks! I've got a dicky heart, fuqued lungs and can't walk very far nowadays, (A packet of darts a day for fifty years will do that to you!) but shit like this is important! For our kids and the future of mankind.
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    As I said earlier if you touch a wire from the battery + to the spade connector that bypasses the start circuit Ignition switch and some connectors, this is how the starter should work, not thru a bunch of spaghetti wiring. You have probably seen me rant on about how the solenoid draws over 40 Amps i know of a couple of VIIs that burnt up because the main ground was connected to the bolt of the seat lock rather than a gearbox bolt. The seat lock bolt worked loose so the starter return current found its way back to the battery via the ground wire from the Voltage Regulator to battery negative. If you connect your meter from battery Negative (I mean the actual battery post not the lug) to a grounded bolt on the engine a bad main ground will show up as Voltage drop while cranking, I would expect to see less than 0.5 Volts I think Docc's 2000 may be wired with the Start Relay/30 wired direct from a fuse (not switched) Notice how the starter relay/30 terminal on this earlier bike is powered from an always live fuse 5, these early bikes never suffer Startus Interuptus but if you look down at the starter solenoid like all other Guzzi schematics its drawn wrong, one coil (the Grunt coil) is missing, the one that draws 40 Amps to pull in the solenoid. Fuse 5 can easily provide 50 Amps for a split second, the solenoid will slam the gear into mesh (in about 15 milliseconds) and the starter will spin. Now look at this one from a few years later, Luigi has completely changed the way the start relay is powered, terminal 30 is now fed from the Ignition Switch and a lot of spaghetti wires with several plug in connectors for good measure, he had another attempt at drawing the starter solenoid but again completely missed the Grunt coil. The supply to the starter relay is now seriously compromised, it will sluggishly draw the starter into mesh if it's a good day. Once engaged it will spin ok. On a bad day the Voltage drop will be too much, it won't engage and you get the dreaded click, it might also blow the 15 Amp F4 If you click on this drawing it will be easier to read. BTW, most of the modern Guzzis are compromised in the same way, works ok while everything is nice and new but as the connections start to deteriorate and the switch picks up some resistance the coil inrush current drops off until the grunt coil isn't able to do its job. MPH has made a small fortune selling kits to correct the situation. Both Veleo and Bosh starters have a Grunt Coil, I think the modern starters are a different brand but they will also. BTW, I recently purchased an 07 Griso, I made the starter solenoid operate 3 x as fast as Luigi had it just by increasing the wire size from relay to solenoid. If the factory would only draw the starter properly Startus Interrupts would soon be extinct LOL Sorry I added this just to show the Grunt Coil in the solenoid ( 0.25 Ohm)
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    I went up to Carizzo Plain National Monument for the superbloom. After heavy rains, this valley is carpeted in flowers. Pictures can't do it justice... this goes on for about 50 miles by 30 miles wide. Now I am planning a ride to Utah on Stelvio, with as little freeway as possible. I have work there next Monday, so will take next weekend to go via Joshua Tree, Mojave National Preserve, Lake Mead, and few other minor roads into Southern Utah. The plan is to camp somewhere in Southern Utah, then take the amazing route 12 to Capitol Reef National Park. I'm having fun getting the Stelvio set up for solo-camping.
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    To guzzijek : I suppose this practice could eventually wear out the threads of the hole and or the bolts . If it will make you feel better , install studs in place of the bolts . Use flat washers , lock washers and nuts . To LowRyter ; To stop crossthreading , push the cover against the hole and begin turning the cover in the "off" direction . When you feel a click , stop . Now start turning the cover in the "on" direction . Practice doing this with other parts and when you feel this work you will not have any problems with crossthreading .
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    The New Zealand authorities have acted in an exemplary manner. A gun-crazed murderer caught alive? I doubt even England could manage that these days.
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    Ya go a couple of hours past the Ettamogah pub towards the black stump. If you get to the old Murphy place you've gone too far. There's bugger all out there. Take water.
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    Sorry to be the fly in the oiltment but I bought one for a big trip in the USA when they first came out and hated it. A great, heavy, imprecise, wallowing bucket of lard with all of the charisma of a roadkilled wombat in midsummer heat. Look, if you're a 'Cruiser' sort of guy them it will probably be fine but there was nothing about it I really liked and a whole lot I hated compared to my beloved CARC bikes. Weedy, spindly, non adjustable forks, limited travel twin shock rear suspension, no reactive drive, wheelbase longer than a supertanker, (And CARC bikes are scarcely short!) odd "I'm riding along with my legs poked out in front of me under the handlebars and it seems someone has inserted a star picket up my blurter!" Riding position and an exhaust note like someone shitting pebbles into a 44 gallon drum full of custard. I'd rather f*$# spiders than own another one. Pete
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    Owing a MG V10 Centauro, Ive made a TPS-harness myself, I used Superseal 3 pin male and Female, see link: https://www.dkvolt.dk/produkt/superseal-stik-3-pin-er-et-vandtaet-stik-til-samling-af-ledninger/ Which fitted the OEM connectors 100 %. See photos. Greetings from DK Niels Knudsen.
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    I don't think so. But the buyer is from California. Once I get a full payment I will direct the new owner back here. This is one of the best and intelligent forums
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    At least that's how I phrase My Problem to Kathi, my indulgent Perfect Pillion and Polish Princess. Just bought a V7 III Special from my brother -- who thought it "vibrated too much" See attached. We are spent last night in Hillsville, Virginia -- where we still lounge around the hotel, in no hurry -- after annoying other folks on the interstates yesterday. It is interesting maintaining 62 mph on the slab. Stream after stream of 80+ mph cars and trucks pass, with many minutes of calm solo travel. Odd. My biggest concern out there is oblivious folks rear-ending us! Anyway, the new sweetie will be in the Moto Grappa tonight. Bill
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    https://youtu.be/ANNcLfrtT4o Hi guzzi mate. MGS01 no start... problem solved! It's simple to wake up with a button ex-shop's mistake caused the engine head assembly go wrong. That's why interrupted the engine rotate and Sen8I3 prevented the signal from being made. If you have a similar problem, I think you will be able to answer with confidence.
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    If / when you decide to look , make sure the magnets are still stuck / glued to the housing . Inspect each magnet to verify they are not broken or cracked . Use a bright light to examine for cracks . Look and make sure they are indexed perfectly opposite each other . It doesn't matter where they are just that they are separated equidistant from each other . HTH .
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    Brexit is still mithering on 2 years later, with UK politicians wanting to have their cake and eat it. New Zealand just had some bad news last Friday too. Our biggest mass shooting ever. A white supremacy nut killed 50 citizens and hurt lots more. The police caught him while he was on the way to kill more, within 21 minutes, without firing a shot. Good job NZ Cops! Then the NZ government, within 6 days, outlawed military style semi automatic rifles, and high capacity magazines. Now I'm a gun owner, but I think we failed badly not to copy Australia's lead on gun control 2 decades ago. Good job NZ Government! Even if too late for 50 people. Now they need to get to work on the reporting and treatment of haters who enable/encourage mass shooters.
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    For all Pete's "colorful" opinion, I totally agree with him. I don't take issue with the small blocks or any of the other "retro" old tech Guzzi is selling or those that buy it. In fact, I kinda hope they make a bunch of money selling that retro stuff to someone else, but only because I then hope they will be able to afford to make something exciting with modern performance. Once upon a time Guzzi was a technology leader. It would be nice if they could at least catch up at this point.
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    I can't be doing with the retrograde technology Bill. That's all. The Hi-Cam, 4V design is ideally suited to the Guzzi 'Transverse' twin and going back to a prehistoric OHV design just leaves me cold. Yes, I know the smallblocks are 'Popular'. That's fine, they are aimed at, and are liked by, people with zero interest in any sort of 'Performance' be it power, handling, anything. What they want is a motorbike that looks like their grandads bike because it's 'Cool'. That's fine but it isn't what I want or what interests me and I'm certainly not going to to heap undeserved praise on it simply because it's wearing a Guzzi badge. I hope they sell squillions of them. Then they might be allowed to build a truly exciting motorbike again.
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    Now we need to know what "bugger all" is. On second thought, I may not want to know . . .
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    And the fourth and last.... Niels
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    Got it sussed now! I eventually found the difficult to get at throttle stop screw. It's reading 80mV now, fully closed. Here is the TPS profile, showing the change in slope and the lack of any drop outs:
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    Hard to tell with all the high beams pointing up like that . . .
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    Those relays look OK. 30 amps is plenty of capacity. It would be worth getting a set if you have trouble geting Omrons. Try them and report back. That is what this forum is great for. One of the relays needs to be a 5 pin SPDT (also called SPCO) in a V11, and the rest can be 4 pin SPST. The relay sockets can take 5 pin relays in all positions, so you should forget the 4 pin relays. When you have a set of 5 pin relays you can swap then around on the side of the road when things on the bike go quiet or dark. Some people call this swapping relays trick "troubleshooting" but when it is getting dark and rain is threatening, the troubleshooting can look more like "wild flailing" to an observer. Just say to yourself "at least it isn't a Harley". Seriously though, as Docc said, the Omrons work well, and the relay base repair suggested by Kiwi_Roy solved a problem on my bike. After tightning all the spade connectors in the relay bases (a really fiddly job) some intermittent problems disappeared. I put dielectric grease on all the sockets before I put the relays back. Then I put some foam tape between the relays, thinking that it would reduce the movement of the relays in their sockets.
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    Yes the starter from MGcycle will fit any v11 or Tonti frame big twin.
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    Relay selection developed into a long investigation with a promising outcome. The "Best Relay" thread specifies the OMRON G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 High Current relay. I've seen all kinds of attempts to use something lesser, but why? No question tachometer issues along with running issues commonly = Relay#2. Relay#5 (the back one) is the other high current position, but replacing the entire set is a good idea. There can also be issues with the connections in the relay bases. I like to use an electronics cleaner and Caig DeOxit®. Kiwi_Roy gave us a whole tutorial on servicing loose relay bases: Relay Base Repair
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    Not totally, but I can only really afford to batch manufacture and I end up with money sitting ties up in something slow moving for an obsolete model. I want them to be available. I also want the thieves at Gutsibits to take it up the arse and if someone else makes them and gives a 'Royalty' to Medicienes sans Frontiers on top of a cut for them I'm all totally fine with it!
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    Gavin and Ishtar, yours are on the way. Docc and Kosta, I'll get yours out probably Monday as I've come down with the flu. Bleargh!
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    I lubed my rubber bits. I sprayed the cush rubbers and the pockets with molybdenum disulfide dry lube spray. Greg Field wrote about a good idea you can do to the cush rubbers here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11820-making-a-cushier-cush-drive/&tab=comments#comment-125587 I think this link might be interesting too: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20331-cush-drive-lubrication/&tab=comments#comment-230956 For the spline to the wheel, you might think about Kluber Staburags NBU 30 PTM. BMW part #. 07559062476. Expensive but good.
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    Finally I am able to get back on here, For some reason I am unable to get on from work That's ok though, today is my last day there. I'm not convinced it's the battery, run a wire from the starter solenoid and touch it on the battery +, if it cranks like that it's something else. I guess this message must have shown up the other day but I couldn't see it, either that or I am loosing the plot. Hot wiring the starter will eliminate the possibility of bad wiring or a relay from the mix, just the starter, solenoid and battery
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    Pretty soon you'll have to hire me to keep your bikes exercised..
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    Todero did the development work on the high cam, but the basic powerplant is still the old Carcano architecture.
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    Nice story to this one from the great Ian Moss. How do you guys rate it?
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    My wife often wonders why I'm awake thinking at 3am. I've always said I do my best work in bed.. Good find, and a cautionary note to remind us that if a little sealer is good, a lot is not.
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    So today I looked at the cams and lifters again. I have a couple of used r/h cams, one I believe any normal person would use again without a second thought and one that any decent engineer would not. Which isnt to say I'm thrilled to use the acceptable one but thats the life of the pedantic. I checked the new lifters for correct finish and found them all good. The V10 engine has a reputation for being hard on lifters and valve guides so I'm paying particular attention to this area hence the preoccupation with such matters as lifter and cam profile.It doesnt help that I dont know the actual mileage of the engine originally and I also have parts from another engine of unknown mileage. No one has a definitive answer to this issue so everything needs to be examined. The cam lobes on this engine are lubricated via a small 1mm dia hole in the camshaft between the lobes. The cam itself is housed in what could be best described as a bathtub arrangement. Oil is fed from a main head gallery into the center of the camshaft and it then squirts out of the lube hole and keeps the bathtub filled which the lobes dip into on each rotation and it also squirts a bit of oil into the general head area. Its not a system I'm totally in love with as I'd much prefer to have the oil distributed directly to the opening ramps of each lobe, but it is what it is. Interestingly on my unusable r/h cam I found the small 1mm oil feed hole almost totally blocked so that explains the wear I guess. Whats really important with this engine is to make sure you have plenty of cam lube on the lobes before its first start AND the bathtub the cams sit in is filled with oil. I'm wondering if a lot of the cam and lifter issues stem from poor attention to these areas at the factory as you can toast a lifter and lobe in the first 30 seconds of operation if you haven't prepared. Lifter faces all good. radias is something like 76 feet but they all measured up at 0.06mm across the face ctr to edge. Here's the cam lube hole that was almost totally blocked. Here's what was blocking it. One of the 2 pieces on the left is what I found. They were some form of organic material and I had no idea from where but in one of those crazy moments where the universe provides you with an answer from, well somewhere, I found the source. If only the universe stepped up for something really meaningful. Not more than 5 minutes after finding the partially blocked oil feed hole ( partially blocked as in a 1mm drill needed to be pushed with force to clear it although a bright torch shined in the hole still showed a little light in the main cam gallery) I was looking at the main head gallery where the blanking plug is fitted and at the inside end of the threads I found stuck there the piece of the material shown on the right of the pieces that blocked the hole. its the thread sealant the factory used on the oil gallery blanking plug. It looks a little less translucent in the photo because it thicker in section but its the same stuff. My wife often wonders why I'm awake thinking at 3am. Ciao
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    Took the Ducati ST3 for a 1,000 mile farewell tour up some minor roads to the San Francisco area... and dropped it off at GP Motorcycles in exchange for this helluva deal on a brand new (but 2 year old) Stelvio. The V85TT was so tempting... but the end-of-the-run Stelvios seem to have all the issues sorted. Plus an 8.5 gallon tank (could have used that on the speed-run home on 101 from San Luis Obispo to San Diego). And the NTX has so many nice features or accessories that you would normally have to pay extra for: Suspension adjustable for pre-load, rebound, and damping, front and rear - had the dealer set sag for me on delivery. Crash bars Luggage Fog lights Bash plate Hand guards (those would've been nice for the last 100 miles to SF in the rain last Sunday)
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    I'll tell what theyre like next week sometime as I have had a set for six months sitting in the box waiting to be installed and sometime in the coming days i'll put them in. Theyre well made and look the goods, so hopefully they won't disappoint
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    Beautiful scenery. Been there last autumn. You'll see tourist coaches on the road, passing eachother with 2 inches space. Take the boat to Positano. BTW, I only saw three Guzzis in one week, and a lot of GS's.
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    Worked on the sump and oil system today. Fitted it all up along with the ubiquitous Roper Plate. Engine kind of looks like a beach whale now resting on its flywheel. Next mission is to make a wooden engine support for the sump so I can get it upright again and pre oil the engine. For all the external fasteners I invested in all new Titanium fasteners. I cant stand the way passive plated ones weather and look horrible after a while. They are costly but if you sell the bike you can always swap them back to the std type and the new owner wont care or be the wiser. Its only nutters like me that will know,and everyone here now. New filter screen. Very nice oil filter access plate thanks to scudd.
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    Original oil pressure relief valve spring on the left and replacement on the right. Original wont get you past 55psi crack pressure, new spring takes you to the 70psi required. Heads are on, just sump to fit, prime the oil system then fit the oil pump drive, front cover and do the cam timing. Ciao
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    I made a female housing using a TPS salvaged from a dead Fiat at a wreckers yard. I cut off most of the TPS, soldered on leads, some epoxy and heatshrink sleeve, and presto. The male plug is cut off the Fiat engine loom to the TPS. It looks like hell, but works well.
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    Thanks Meinolf. I have ordered a KKL lead with FTDI usb in. On further investigation, I have disconnected the TB linkage and backed out the throttle stop fully, made sure the fast idle cam is not touching and saw the TPS baseline drop from 375mV to 80mV. I now understand what's what! So I will set the TPS next and then do the balance.
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    To me it looks like a Bassa not EV. Or in later years (2001?) known as a special sport.. late to the party but what's all the discussion over what starter fits? Both the Tonti and V11 big twins use the same Valeo starter.
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    Looking at the gallery post methinks gatorman has a California not a V11.
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    I'm not sure if you have solved this yet or not. Its caused by LED blinkers that draw next to no current and an idiot light that draws as much I came across this sketch I had done for another owner The type 194 lamp reference is to my favourite LED replacement for the Spine frame and EV idiot lights. (I can't recall if I still needed the diodes) I have some pictures of that if anyone is interested, because LEDs last forever I throw away the sockets and glue lamps in place. BTW all 12 Volt LEDs have a resistor or current limiter in series, we just don't bother showing it. Headlights for instance only need about 9 Volts, the rest is gravy, it gets no brighter.
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    docc- I think $8 -12 for (shorty) beer. You can get *free* water to fill your bottle. I went to first day of first Moto GP and they took a 5 year old's PP&J. The kid was on special diet. True. You can bring anything into Barber: booze, food, contraband. I've camped there 3 times. I think they were doing drunken motorcycle jousting one night -at least I was told, I have no memory of it.
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    here's a crown jewel.... is this not a forum member? https://www.ebay.com/itm/362602154257?ul_noapp=true
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    A great deal as they seem like in great shape Gianelli Sport Exhaust Mufflers for Moto Guzzi V11 Sport LeMans https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183745206305
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    Jaap has started this thread wirth "Earthshine" from Rush - great song. The Album Vapor Trails was remixed a while ago, here is the remixed version: Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vapor_Trails Vapor Trails Remixed is a remixed version of Vapor Trails mixed by David Bottrill. The album was released by Atlantic Records and Rhino Entertainment on September 27, 2013, and entered at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 chart.[24] The band had been unhappy with the original album's overall sonic production. Influenced by the positive reaction to the remixes of "One Little Victory" and "Earthshine" featured on Retrospective III by Richard Chycki, Rush and Bottrill remixed the entire album. In an interview with Modern Guitars, Lifeson remarked that since the remixes were so good, there has been talk of doing an entire remix of the album.[25] He also stated: It was a contest, and it was mastered too high, and it crackles, and it spits, and it just crushes everything. All the dynamics get lost, especially anything that had an acoustic guitar in it. Vapor Trails Remixed is also included in the box-set of Atlantic Studio Albums called The Studio Albums 1989–2007.[26]
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    Wowsie, you got a very rare MOTO GUZZI SPORT ELEPHANT! Watch out that it doesn't sit on those other midget bikes.
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    Been into gnarly old racing singles lately I.e.: Velocette Thruxtons, Ducati Desmo 450/350 and always the Yammie SRX-6. Maybe my Guzzi has been running a little too smooth for me.
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    First - the fact that this level of ingenuity and conversation exists on this forum is so cool. Second - I haven't had the problem yet, but thought I'd give a try at searching for the part. I found something on a Honda ST forum that referenced the same part number - so there could be a cross-compatible Honda (aka cheaper) part. The same site also referenced a US$0.64 replacement thermistor from Digi-Key (from whom I just purchased my relays). I do not know how to determine if this thermistor could be used to repair the stock MG part - but maybe you guys would know. Is $0.64 cheap enough? Third - please blab on. I am also interested in how things work - even if it does not address a specific issue that I am currently facing.
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