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    This year's Greeny parade, 3 of 4. After 20 years still the biggest group, even without the other 4 KRs of other colours (2 and 2)
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    One in The Netherlands, 75000 km. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
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    Yeah, I did it. I put baby in a corner.....of her new garage!
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    Well the cracked gearbox case has been a factor. I need to visit a mate of mine to get it welded and i also need to get the side flow injectors cleaned and flow tested. Plus there's this little fellow (Merlin) thats arrived. I havent had a dog in a very very long time. Forgotten how much time goes into a puppy. More work than a toddler. Std Schnauzer btw. Ciao
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    ended going with uShip. Cost me more but I’m getting it when I wanted it (now!). Bike is currently going through Paducah, Kentucky. ETA is Wednesday. Shipping was $750 plus $50 uShip fee ($800 total). Transporter pays $150 to uShip. Next time I can go direct with transporter and save $200.
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    What with some miles/km rolling up on these lovelies, I thought it time for a dedicated throttle body thread. At ~112,000 miles, I'm having a tough time getting the Sport to idle and balance. The lower shaft on the left no longer seals and the linkage is quite loose on the right. I have replacement rack to install, then noticed another hi-miler (Andy York's LeMans) has a replacement set ready to go . . . So, let's share some insights and methods for the care and feeding of our throttle bodies . . .
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    Stay easy, folks! It's the internet only.
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    Haven't been around in a while, but here are some recent pics...
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    So here's the thing: I went and looked at a Norton Commando Combat basket case on Sunday. It's missing a bit of stuff and I don't want another project at this time. I want to buy something that ride now. While I could get the Norton at $1750 (a little high but it's a friend that needs a little help) it would be at least a year, probably more until it was on the road. I called my brother back in NC and he's like, that's way too much for the basket case, why don't you just ship your old bike back and get it out of my garage? Um, because I never thought about that! We won't go into the technicalities of who owns that bike now, I "sold" it to my dad back in the 90s when I was young and needed money. I left it out there in NC with him. I think he rode it once or twice before getting tired of shifting on the wrong side and went back to his BMWs. Now my brother has it. So it's been out there and I would ride it when I visited. As for my brother he has a problem getting around his garage, built a shed and still doesn't have room. And yes, it's stuffed with bikes. So I can see why he would like some more room. And he has plenty of bikes for me to ride when I come out there. So... for your amusement here is a picture from the early 90s when I got the bike. Please stifle your laughter. And here's the bike now, well from a couple years ago when we rode from NC to Barber. The engine has been rebuilt with some tasty bits and it's a lively one. It scoots. The rest is mostly original, although upgraded for the important things. I just need to figure out how to get it to Oregon. I'm trying a couple shipping places but I'm open to suggestions. If I can ship for $500-1000 I'll be stoked. I have thought about riding it back, with the 6+ gallon tank it'll go a long further than I can. Sorry it's not a Guzzi, Ducati or Aprilia, please forgive me. But I'm looking forward to having the old girl back.
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    No doubt your are the first to have this happen. I believe it has to do with conjunction of the planets. They are aligned when the grease gun finally slips on.. then while pumping, one of them wobbles on it's orbit a bit.
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    Really rare when you are buying one, common as shit when selling. Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
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    I use imgzeit. Spine Raid Scenery ....
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    Why is there a chain and padlock on that poor bike? Was it naughty?
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    Da'gum. Here, I just replaced my axle nuts and totally missed the opportunity to say, "I have titanium nuts."
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    Wow, Kiwi_Roy, clearly and succinctly stated. Inroads into my puny brain, so thank you for schooling me. Much easier to conceptualize. I had a print/copy of the wiring diagram, it was fuzzy, written in Italian in 4pt type, printed in black and white and I believe topped with marinara sauce for good measure; Tolstoy translated into Swahili for my befuddlement, in other words. Thx.
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    I'd say this is not acceptable, even when it's quite common. Make sure you use 12.9 bolts and torque them to 40Nm. You may also cut the slots some millimeters deeper to ease the clamping. Of course, that's up to what nerves you have in real life, internet off. But done properly it's a proofen modification. Some words about the alignment: Because of the wide rear tyre the U-Joints don't move in one plane only. Look from above and you'll see the shaft pointing outwards. That's the reason they weld them with some degrees more/less then 180°, it's to reduce the resulting transmission failure. And be easy with grease on the moving part of the shaft. The spines should be able to glide 'freely', too much grease and they're stuck. Common fault because this zerk is the only one everyone can reach
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    The temperature sensors are usually NTC thermistors mounted in a housing. NTC (negative temperature coefficient) means that as the thermistor temperature rises, it's electrical resistance drops. The measurements you made need to account for temperature of the sensor, for example is it in your warm hand or outside in the cold. If you are talking about the air sensor in the air box, it is usually trouble free, unless your friend is in the "pod filter" brigade. Then he needs to mount the air sensor somewhere where it measures only intake air. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19831-air-temp-mod-for-no-air-box/ Since a thermistor circuit is usually low current to avoid self heating, the circuit is sensitive to extra resistance from a bad connection. Unplugging and replugging connectors can help, especially if you clean and treat the connectors with something like DC4 or DeoxIT. I bought packs of 20 thermistors from Aliexpress for about $2 a pack. Let me know if you want a selection sent to you, I know I will never use them all. Note that the rating for thermistors is measured at 25 degC. The illustration below is for the V11 air intake sensor, but the V11 oil temp sensor has the same rating thermistor in a different housing.
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    Fantastic. They arrived today. 2,5 days USA - Norway. Now I am back in business helping Guzzi injection drivers. Rolf
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    I think of it more like mole on Cindy Crawford's face... uh, what deteimental effects??? my bike runs like a beast.
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    If you'll remember I started this thread thinking this was a fueling (a la pump or injector) issue. The bike has had a PC forever, yep forgot to mention it. I've gotta say it's a dissapointing response that all varriations from stock need be enumerated before an issue can be discussed. Sweet baby Jesus these bikes are all 20ish years old. They must have a million modifications by now. Yep I've got pods and hey guess what a Motoscope Pro dash. Either of those might just be contributors in an alternate reality. This thread has given me tons of info I'll carry forward keeping these bikes on the road. All of the discussion is archived and who knows how many future problems will be solved after reading this thread. So guys thanks for the attention. It gave me a good push to solve this before winter teardown season. Here is my input for future readers. The PC rolls in at 1500rpm. So if you do fine and then can't roll on disconnect and see if the PC is at issue. Easy test that.
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    Thank you Docc and Mikko I just ordered 50, and the order seems to go through. I was happy with my first 50 -so I just want to have more available. Thanks again. Rolf
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    If you are running Unleaded fuel you can forget about looking at the exhaust tips for mixture information. That grey colour you used to see was lead deposits and the black you see now is the carbon thats a byproduct of low speed running and the warm up rich fuel map even if the mixture is correct. Ciao
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    I truly admire and appreciate your dedication to maintaining your bike and the knowledge you share so clearly with our little community.
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    Update... I'm down to two springs available for sale. I'm keeping one with Chuck's engineering diagram in case we need to make another batch someday.
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    Because one comes standard in the Guzzi tool kit with every new bike along with a grease gun for the drive shaft fittings, a multimetre for the electrics and a tether to stop the bike floating away if you ever remove the flywheel. Ciao
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    Since you have nothing to lose at this point.. try this.. Take your Copper Hammer and a small prick punch, and put a gazillion punch marks around the ID of the bore. Leave the outer 1/8" unmarred so the bearing will start straight. Lube the outer race, (Lubriplate is good) and press that bad boy in there. The worse thing that can happen is you will have to sleeve it anyway, and this will probably work.
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    This axle is loose, so you'd better fix it, do not just close this hole. It's basically the same procedure as for the spring. Cover off, lower wheel off, axle out, clean shaft and hole. Then apply strong Loctite and put the axle back into its seat, wait half an hour, reassemble the rest and put the cover back on the housing. Don't forget to change the neutral switch.
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    2000 V11 Sport. 45000KMS. Hoping to break 60,000KMS this year. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Cheers
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    75 mile shakedown ride today looking forward to SSR XV, nine weeks out. Very nearly 400 miles since moving the prop shaft to the replacement reardrive and installing all the new spacers and bearings . . . . (Trying to earn the "Waving Wrench" emoji back )
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    Wish I could post a pic here, but reckon I'll have to wait till the kids visit next and show me how! Anyways I have 78228 kilometres on the Greenie as of now. Love the ole tart and couldn't voluntarily part with her. This forum is one hell of an asset in keeping these buggers with their little foibles on the road !! Cheers Guzzler
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    One in NSW Jervis Bay area Australia This Cafe Sport was first regestered in the UK owner moved to Aust. I am the third owner as far as I know. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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    42,000 klms and going fine. Still running in.
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    Well. What’s to be said . I have just had the best ride on my V11 since I bought it three years ago. Now armed with the knowledge you guys have passed on I feel totally confident in looking after the old girl for years to come. I am really chuffed. All that studying of the feeds on here has paid off. Docc if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in the flesh , the beers are on me. Now where’s my keys I’m going out again !!!
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    The Power Commander is mounted in the wrong location . Your bike can reach better tune if you relocate it to under your work bench.
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    Seems to me this is the right place for a little introduction.... Alongside my V11, I used to own a Honda Transalp 650. For in town, bit of offroad etc. With my car ageing and starting to be troublesome, I decided I wanted to do my commute by bike as well. But my Transalp is no fun on the highway. I sold the Transalp and bought another Italian*: *Funny thing: the Honda was secretly also built in Italy, in the same year as my V11 was, 600km elsewhere...
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    True, I dont think there would be much more than a kilo or so to be save if you replaced every bolt with a ti one on a V11. I use them for their ability to stay looking nice forever. The weight saving is just icing on the cake. Here's the Titanium axle nuts I use on my bike. Next time I have the front wheel off I'll machine some thread off the front axle. Ciao
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    Got the donor motor home! Now to run a couple quick tests to be sure it will be up to the task. Then tear it apart and reassemble into my block..... I love this stuff haha
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    We have yet another development in this process. And it hopefully will be even better than anticipated. Thank you for your patience.
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    Ten weeks out, to the Fifteenth South'n Spine Raid, and I'm so trying see that the Sport is properly prepared. [ Insert Waving-Wrench emoji that I currently am not allowed post ] If today's shakedown ride is any indication, I'm going to sprain my face grinning in my helmet! Cannot wait to see everyone!
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    Docc's experience shows that the standard V11 oil pump is durable and well suited to the V11 engine. If someone is keen to replace it with a different design, then fine, but for normal use, it may not offer any benefits. A higher capacity pump will absorb proportionally more engine power, and surplus pressure will be dumped by the relief valve. The standard pump still has enough capacity to allow use of the oil cooler (if the oil temp gets above 70degC, which is not happening this winter around here). Guzziology says GU 30146400 pump (fitted to the V11) has been around since 1991. It has 16mm width gears instead of earlier 14mm gear pumps, but the oil pressure relief stayed the same. This pump not the same as the 21mm Daytona/Centauro pump, which is not only bigger, but spins faster. Dave Richardson says "these pumps fail at about 35000km because of the lack of a bearing on the driving shaft. A favorite solution was to copy the MGS01". 16mm V11 OEM pump https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=46944&sku=GU30146400&description=Oil+Pump+-+GU30146400 15mm gear aftermarket V11 pump. https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1985
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    Dave's "espresso & grappa" is the best-looking of any Norge ever ... and I tend to think that the onluy "proper" color for an Italian motorcycle is red. Bill
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    Just got the title in the mail today! Quick check of the State Of Michigan's website annnnnnnd: I'm thinking of a custom decal that goes over part of the standard "pure Michigan" propaganda and in the same color and font replace it with "oto Guzzi" hehehehehehe....
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    270km with CURBS today, now D IPA time. Cheers tom. Sent fra min SM-G903F via Tapatalk
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    I thought before I get too far into this gearbox stripping and painting I'd better check that the mounts weren't cracked. First step break out the dye check kit. Clean down the mount area and apply the dye. Wait for 15 minutes. Clean it off again with solvent and apply the developer. All good thankfully. Its not hard to see why they can crack here. There is not genuine radius from the vertical machined face to the horizontal area. its just the edge created by the face cutter. I'll create a radius here by hand as there's a decent amount of material and what you lose will be more than compensated for by the removal of the stress raiser from the machining. Ciao
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    I sent a pair of injectors to "InjectorsRX".When I get them back, I will send them the other 2 I have.
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    I wouldn't need it back.
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    I don't think there is a real definitive answer. Docc probably is close back when he "figured it ". Tank swell, your sending unit, being the biggest variables I see. Then there is the acceleration / braking factor...I recall braking could bring the light on and accelerating could turn it off - for awhile. Been awhile since i have seen "the light" since it appears my bulb is blown. I reckon thats not all thats blown with me
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    Regrettably, as do other fond memories, time changes things. I'll save my Yvonne stories for the campfire ... after Kathi goes to bed. WRT roads in the SE USA, the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) has “improved” many of the roads we all so fondly (or not) remember from twisting, tummy-tickling (or worse) back-seat-riding experiences to dull straights. Mighty fine for the locals and farm-to-market needs, but painful to ride as they are often 4-lane slabs. My map was a quick look; "needs work." Before you all head up 25 or any other roads that way, recommend a google-maps recon. There are many — MANY — great roads in Kentucky, but some now make I-75 seem interesting. Bill
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