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    https://youtu.be/ANNcLfrtT4o Hi guzzi mate. MGS01 no start... problem solved! It's simple to wake up with a button ex-shop's mistake caused the engine head assembly go wrong. That's why interrupted the engine rotate and Sen8I3 prevented the signal from being made. If you have a similar problem, I think you will be able to answer with confidence.
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    The New Zealand authorities have acted in an exemplary manner. A gun-crazed murderer caught alive? I doubt even England could manage that these days.
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    Nice story to this one from the great Ian Moss. How do you guys rate it?
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    My wife often wonders why I'm awake thinking at 3am. I've always said I do my best work in bed.. Good find, and a cautionary note to remind us that if a little sealer is good, a lot is not.
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    So today I looked at the cams and lifters again. I have a couple of used r/h cams, one I believe any normal person would use again without a second thought and one that any decent engineer would not. Which isnt to say I'm thrilled to use the acceptable one but thats the life of the pedantic. I checked the new lifters for correct finish and found them all good. The V10 engine has a reputation for being hard on lifters and valve guides so I'm paying particular attention to this area hence the preoccupation with such matters as lifter and cam profile.It doesnt help that I dont know the actual mileage of the engine originally and I also have parts from another engine of unknown mileage. No one has a definitive answer to this issue so everything needs to be examined. The cam lobes on this engine are lubricated via a small 1mm dia hole in the camshaft between the lobes. The cam itself is housed in what could be best described as a bathtub arrangement. Oil is fed from a main head gallery into the center of the camshaft and it then squirts out of the lube hole and keeps the bathtub filled which the lobes dip into on each rotation and it also squirts a bit of oil into the general head area. Its not a system I'm totally in love with as I'd much prefer to have the oil distributed directly to the opening ramps of each lobe, but it is what it is. Interestingly on my unusable r/h cam I found the small 1mm oil feed hole almost totally blocked so that explains the wear I guess. Whats really important with this engine is to make sure you have plenty of cam lube on the lobes before its first start AND the bathtub the cams sit in is filled with oil. I'm wondering if a lot of the cam and lifter issues stem from poor attention to these areas at the factory as you can toast a lifter and lobe in the first 30 seconds of operation if you haven't prepared. Lifter faces all good. radias is something like 76 feet but they all measured up at 0.06mm across the face ctr to edge. Here's the cam lube hole that was almost totally blocked. Here's what was blocking it. One of the 2 pieces on the left is what I found. They were some form of organic material and I had no idea from where but in one of those crazy moments where the universe provides you with an answer from, well somewhere, I found the source. If only the universe stepped up for something really meaningful. Not more than 5 minutes after finding the partially blocked oil feed hole ( partially blocked as in a 1mm drill needed to be pushed with force to clear it although a bright torch shined in the hole still showed a little light in the main cam gallery) I was looking at the main head gallery where the blanking plug is fitted and at the inside end of the threads I found stuck there the piece of the material shown on the right of the pieces that blocked the hole. its the thread sealant the factory used on the oil gallery blanking plug. It looks a little less translucent in the photo because it thicker in section but its the same stuff. My wife often wonders why I'm awake thinking at 3am. Ciao
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    Way too much fuss over this bike for mine. Personally I like it but, at the end of the day its just a V11 with different body work. Does it look better than the std V11? for mine no. It looks different and it looks good to my eye BUT before I'd consider it on a serious level I have 2 major concerns. A...its a solo bike now and needs to stay that way to maintain the style . B... I suspect that it probably doesn't hold much fuel after the under tank mods required to fit the V11 spine frame. If it holds any less than the current V11 then its just another in the long line of interesting but ultimately impractical bodywork customs. Ciao
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    If only there was a hammer in the picture!
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    A beautiful V11 LeMans juxtaposed with traditional Dutch windmills just seems so right on so many levels . . .
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    I’m 57, married to the same wonderful woman for 33 years and have 4 grown kids who are the most important thing in the world to me. I’ve always loved motorcycling. My uncle had a Honda 650 with a custom flame painted gas tank and we used to sit on it in his garage. Loved that. My step dad had a 72 Suzuki 380 with Ram Air. I used to pop out the key cylinder with a screwdriver and take it on joy rides when my folks were not home. I fell in love with Italian motorcycles when, in 1974, I saw a red Laverda at the beach. That sealed the deal! I did a lot of traveling around the world in the early 80’s, then had kids, so no bikes. I finally was able to get my own bike in 96, a 92 Kawasaki Zephyr 750. Later on I had Kawi a Vulcan 800 and 1500. Then a Yamaha Stratoliner 1900 Deluxe. I wanted to move back towards. Better performance and less weight, so I got a Triumph Tiger 1050. Loved that bike! Traded that in for my current 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Travel and now, after years of patient desire, I also own a 2004 V11 Sport Naked. Other things? I’m an Anglican Priest who begs or mercy when I go to fast!
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    Ok, so a bit of an update to the thread. I talked with Mike Rich about porting and polishing the heads, but unfortunately the turnaround time is too long for my goals. Instead I'll have a friend who's a master motorcycle mechanic and experienced hot-rodder to do the porting. I've dropped in a Megacycle 620x9 cam (along with new tappets) and a roper plate. I have the new clutch/ intermediate plates, springs and will be keeping the stock flywheel. At this point, I have everything I need engine wise besides the porting, and just need to go through it and make sure everything is torqued down and replace the engine consumables (rings, gaskets, valve stem seals) I also took this opportunity to take off the Ohlins and get them serviced (JpH suspension) and will go back to him for further adjustment when everything is back together. r3datom9, I'm more then willing to trade bikes when everything is back together and explore what riding the north bay has to offer. It'll be interesting to compare the bikes once all is said and done.
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    Hi all, Joined the forum a few months back, but no post up until now, I have mainly been sneaking around....... I have a 2001 V11 Le Mans, Champagne (bought her in June last year). Pics will follow once I figure out how that works (the forum update seems to be causing some problems with that). 'Bike history' (sounds more impressive than it actually is): 1984 Honda CBX 550 (stolen), 1978 Honda CX500 (too old/slow for the motorway and sold) and now the Guzzi, definitely a keeper! Tomorrow I am going to replace the old and hardened tires for some fresh rubber, looking forward to the drive home.... Cheers!
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    Took the Ducati ST3 for a 1,000 mile farewell tour up some minor roads to the San Francisco area... and dropped it off at GP Motorcycles in exchange for this helluva deal on a brand new (but 2 year old) Stelvio. The V85TT was so tempting... but the end-of-the-run Stelvios seem to have all the issues sorted. Plus an 8.5 gallon tank (could have used that on the speed-run home on 101 from San Luis Obispo to San Diego). And the NTX has so many nice features or accessories that you would normally have to pay extra for: Suspension adjustable for pre-load, rebound, and damping, front and rear - had the dealer set sag for me on delivery. Crash bars Luggage Fog lights Bash plate Hand guards (those would've been nice for the last 100 miles to SF in the rain last Sunday)
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    L/H head ready to fit. One for the detail people and if it ever arises for those getting inside a 4 valver. Different spring retainers and although not really apparent in the image fractionally different keepers. The black retainers were from a pair of heads I bought from Paul Minnaert and are slightly different in dimension to the silver ones from my original engine. The keepers are also a slightly blacker tone and have slightly different dimensions. It may be just different time and suppliers but I kept the black keepers with the black retainers and likewise. Using the black ones gave less spring pre-load and would have required shimming the valve springs. The black keepers with the silver retainers also didnt produce a solid feel when installed without the springs as there was a slight rocking. Fine with like ones.I used the silver ones in the end. New rockers pins and adjusters ready to fit after the head go on. Ciao
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    If / when you decide to look , make sure the magnets are still stuck / glued to the housing . Inspect each magnet to verify they are not broken or cracked . Use a bright light to examine for cracks . Look and make sure they are indexed perfectly opposite each other . It doesn't matter where they are just that they are separated equidistant from each other . HTH .
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    At this point, it is clear that "whatever" has been dripping under the back of my sump is not the "Crankcase Vent Return Line" as the topic is titled. The results of the foot powder spay test were misleading. Today, I finally got to ride after the Sport sat 7 weeks. Rode about 50 miles and fueled 4.3 gallons, being careful not to fill into the neck. Spooge Trap was empty after a long lunch with the guys, and again after another 23 miles for a visit. Another 60 miles home, and there it is.
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    I have heard Gianelli on a V11. They are delicious! I am not sure they should be allowed to call them "Silencers" . . .
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    A great deal as they seem like in great shape Gianelli Sport Exhaust Mufflers for Moto Guzzi V11 Sport LeMans https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183745206305
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    I took that same picture in January!! Excellent ......... Around the corner and down river a little bit is a beautiful little ranch house looking across at the glacier. One of the many, "Holy crap. What a place!" moments of our trip.
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    My odyssey approved charger arrives today. I’ll report back this weekend.
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    there are different "adventures"
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    Agree with you Marty. I wish we had learned our lesson in the USA
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    Installed a new starter a few days ago, what a difference! My starter must have been quite poor since I had the bike For people in Europe, I decided to be cheap and take a gamble by buying this starter: Under 60eur. Very happy with it, let's see how it lasts!
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    Has this one been shown here already? https://www.gessato.com/the-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-by-moto-studio/
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    Love this song and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
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    Jaap, Dankjewel! BTW, I lived in NL for four years from 1982-86.
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    I wasn't sure about the fork diameter. But that's easy to find out: Google pointed me to this topic: So the Rosso Mandello clipons won't fit your 2004 V11 Sport. Sorry for the confusion!
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    Here I was thinking when the early 40mm forks changed to the LongFrame 43mm mounted above the triple, the clip-on diameter also changed?
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    Hey all. Just got a D'Alimonte Quarter Fairing on ebay to be installed on my 04' V11 Sport. I think it will look incredible! I expect to have to mod it to make it work. I have no idea what it was taken off of, but I need to repair and repaint it. I need help matching the black/dark grey paint. You can see my profile pic for my bike. I just bought this V11 (after years of patient waiting) and am extatic! Thanks for the help. I’ve already gleaned a lot of helpful knowledge from the site and forums. MattiGuzzi 2004 V11 Sport (current) 2015 Aprilia Caponord Travel (current) 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050 (sold) 2008 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe (sold) 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 (sold) 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 (sold) 1992 Kawasaki Zephyr 750 (sold)
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    Has this been posted here before? http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/pictures/moto-guzzi-le-mans-850/
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    Y’all are talking practical? I think someone needs to go and look in their garage again. The V11 Sport is barely practical as it is. does anyone know how the new V7 tanks compare size-wise to the early V7 Sport or Lemans tanks?
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    I experimented with a wheel guard attached with clamps by that method 5 years ago or so but for me it looked a little too busy and inelegant. When I can summon up the motivation I'll weld some tabs to the swing arm for the guard I think. Ciao
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    Finished up the bike. Installed the Exan exhaust. Might i say, I love the sound so far, fit and finish is top notch. Pitures in the album,don't know hot to post. Love the way these engines, love the cold. Took the Centauro for a 150 mile ride in 35 deg. weather.
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    Alright I’ll re-read the Odyssey thread.
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    100% agree about the fuel tank. The solo thing, I have no issue with.
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    Docc is right (again). You need an electronic flasher [21] which will flash the indicator lights irrespective of current draw from the lamps. I did this, and found another problem. The instrument panel [6] turn signal light is connected to both left & right indicator light circuits, so if you have all four indicators fitted with LED lamps, all four lamps will flash when you indicate left or right turn. That [6] indicator provides a path to ground via the side opposite the side you selected. The fix is to replace the little incandescent bulb in the [6] panel with a facing pair of LEDS, with a common ground. Until I follow my own advice, I have only LEDs in the front indicators, same as Docc's bike.
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    Dank! Hierbij een foto met herkenbare achtergrond..
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    From the album: NZ

    2 V11s, a 850 T3, & a Griso on a ride to Little River for lunch.
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    Images added....thanks Jaap. Ciao
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    I am interested to see the results. The spineys could use a little more kick in the top end and maybe a little more rev range.
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    If you have a redframe bike, you should get the brace. Better to do it before the gearbox housing cracks, not after. Contact Don at Motiv at the website listed. He's a Guzzi dealer now.
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    Even without the poison dart of Piaggio ownership Guzzi seem to perennially shoot themselves in the foot. Why abandon the four shaft gearbox for example? While the six speeder in the CARC bikes is a good box and absolutely bulletproof, (In ten years I've never had one apart because it was broken!) it is longer and not as slick as the four shafter if set up correctly. Then they poisoned the reputation of the 'Nuovo 8V' with the flat tappet fiasco! They even tried to destroy the reputation of the smallblocks by producing a run of them with no crank thrust bearings! Now the styling and development is all being done by talentless spivs I hate to think what they will try and foist on us next! That's OK though, at least they did get to build the CARC bikes and they for me will remain the pinnacle of development and my muse. I'll be retiring ASAP once we have Michael set up to continue working and I can become a cantankerous old suspender-snapper and spend my time talking about the 'Good Old Days'! My arse.........
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    Ducati Super Sport 939 I'll probably ride it to COTA. Doesn't sound as good as the Sport, the styling is a close call but I still think the Greenie is best looking. The SS is 80lb lighter and has 110 horses and revs to 10k
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    I am wondering why would you try to reinvent the wheel? The most simple and 100% working solution is to get ConvertiBars. They work great, look great and come in 2 colors - black or silver. Installation is a snap and stock wires and cables are good enough for almost 3" rise. Price wise a bit more expensive than Woodcraft but well worth the price do to a multiple adjustability
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    I feel the need to chime in. We've had our share of political shite on this forum. And the banning/disappearance of certain members as a result of escalating discussions didn't do this forum any good. That's why I follow threads like these very carefully. If you want talk politics (or religion), do it with restraint and w/o personal abuse, or I will take my role as Chief Whip seriously! :-)
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    I doubt that you, Stew had offended anyone here. Awesome forum! That's all I can say.
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