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    I thought they'd done away with TDC markings by the time the V11 came out? I mean what would be the point of any sort of timing marks? The spark, along with the injection pulse signal, is governed by the phase sensor and phonic wheel and its input is non adjustable although how it is interpreted and how the ECU processes the information is adjustable in the map. For setting the valve lash just turn the motor by hand until you see the inlet valve close and then pull it round until the piston is very close to TDC. This can be established by the drinking straw method or simply by feel once you have the hang of it. The piston doesn't need to be *Exactly* at top dead to set the valves. As long as the tappets are on the base circle of the cam lobes that's all you need. Clearances are 4 & 6 thou.
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    I would have a hard time letting go of such a clean and rare bike as that. Even if I couldn't ride any more I'd be tempted to keep it as living room art and regale visitors with tales of my daring exploits.
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    Best wishes and always THINK POSITIVE!
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    Great video, awesome song, one of my favorites too Scud!
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    That's the sound of big cams with lots of overlap and high compression, I love that cranky loping idle of an old fashioned performance engine. They sound ANGRY. The other thing they do is they like to rev. Old school worked engines just want to climb onto the cam and rev. Modern engines are better in just about every way imaginable but they seldom give you that hairs standing on end feeling. I'd love to get to Goodwood one day but for now I'll need to be satisfied with the best Post Classic event in the world at Phillip Island this weekend. Ex AMA multi Superbike Champ Josh hayes and his Wife ex US Supersport Champion Melissa Paris will be racing along with stars from Australia,England,New Zealand. Best part.....everyone gets to wander around the pits and chat to these guys and I get to catch up with some racing friends. looking forward to it. Cars, oh yea hears mine. Ciao
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    I'm calling the airbox done.The modified area could be better aesthetically but this plastic is almost impossible to finish nicely. I might make some little 1/4 moon 1mm thick ally plates to cover the modified area painted black and attached by some small PK screws to make it look nicer but once the side covers go on I doubt you'll notice the area. Ciao
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    I am falling back in Love with my Guzzi - this week. What I love about Guzzi’s apart from the fact that they are relatively bullet proof and at the same time interesting and different, is the need for a multitude of specialty fabricated tools to do routine maintenance. Based on Chuck’s last remark it now appears that I need to talk to “err indoors“ and justify the purchase of a small lathe to add to my wish list. (I have always wanted a lathe). the other thing that the battle against Luigi’s maintenance friendly engineering is teaching me is endless patience and the value of a good forum full of people who have been there before me and are prepared to answer dumb questions!😳
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    Roper medicine, TPS 157mv, 0.25mm valves, Hi Flow 551, Shell 15 - 50 today, it does feel good. Friday guys, IPA time. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A505FN via Tapatalk
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    When the Rosso left the garage I’m convinced a depression came over my other bikes😞😞. It got replaced with a very smart and low mile Falco that had to muscle it’s way into the garage, the new kid on the block ! Like a lot of us I think I may have overspent a LITTLE on putting my stamp on it !! Very diff bike to the V11 no question but still Italian and immense fun. Fast for sure and probably too much of a hooligan bike for me now so it’s been moved to the side to make way for the prodigal son returned, my Nero. I keep walking around it on my regular visits in my garage, admiring it as we do and reminiscing about how much fun it actually was and pangs of guilt as I wonder what to do with it😞😞. This could take a long long time as Margaret reminds me “What will you do with the Falco”? Coal Ciao 😎😎😎 K
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    The M.G. factory ran a water cooled 1100 at Daytona in 2005 in the Battle of Twins F1 race and beat all of the water cooled Ducati's. It out pulled everything on the track with it's huge torque and power. The radiator was the size of a car's. Sadly the factory did not follow through with a production version. This factory BOT F1 bike did not have the extra strut bracing from the lower engine to the swing arm pivots that we did, so the bike wobbled badly in the East high bank but still won because of the power to pull away. The Bilabio that I bought later (still have) has similar rear bracing, but the Lemans did not. At Daytona we shared the same garage bay with the water cooled MG factory bike. Our Stan Friduss bike with Josef Brenner riding won F2 both days as we did in 2004 when we set a track record in BOT F2.
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    I believe I have mentioned my nephew on occasion. He's a good dirt rider and has a Husqvarna TE250 (the older Italian street legal, 4-stroke made in the MV years - not the new Austrian TE250 2-stroke). Dammit Husky... the model numbers are so inconsistent over the years. Anyway, he's the one I tried to convince to buy my BMW K75s when he wanted his first street bike, but he just had to have this new MV F4. Emotions won over practical - he got the F4 and I sold my BMW to a neighbor boy as his first street bike. So... he lives in Orange County but recently got a good job in San Diego so he's been living with us for a while. I, of course, said that I had room for his motorcycles in my garage (see Phil's insightful devil comment above). I commuted on it yesterday, which is a very bad idea. There are a few curves on the way to work that beg to be taken quickly. But the MV never lets you know that you are going fast. It just begs you to give it more gas... and how can you deny it? That fast and that red... I think I would lose my license if that was my daily ride. It's a lovely machine in every way. I've ridden it a few times, but It's not something I'd want to stay on for 200 miles at a time - unless those 200 miles could be covered in about 90 minutes. Then I'd be happy to do it, and the bike would be in it's happy place too. Did I mention how great it sounds? Glorious.
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    My TENNI after a winter tuning. Painted rear parts of body and spoiler
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    Wow, would really like to attend, but too many miles in between, alas. Am particularly smitten by the pic of the only bike prettier than a MG V11 or Norton Commando (edit note: venue is up tight about hot linking images, guess they don't like the free advertising, so similar images substituted below): Never scored one of those, but did finally snag a V11. Also got one of these consolation prizes: Congrats to all those who will attend this event. Good beer and classic bikes, what's not to like?
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    I spent 2 weeks in Seattle taking delivery of a company Jet in 2001 and I had all but 1 day of sunny skies and nice weather. The locals couldn't believe my weather luck. Ciao
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    That and also odometers break.. Some sit. To be honest I'd rather buy a v11 that's been ridden and cared for with miles than one with super low milage. Low mileage is a red flag.
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    That arrow is used to line up the clutch pressure plate to get the springs properly seated.
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    It’s difficult to measure desirability when the market is limited for these bikes in comparison to the more mainstream stuff. We are a dedicated bunch of course and we always give a V11 a real second look something like a pretty girl that catches our eye !!! Over here in euro land I would say around 5k but it must surely depend on who’s been hanging out for a smart and low miler V11 and then it becomes more desirable. I’m recently back from a trip to Vietnam where the offer price is %50 of the asking price to start with. But even with that it’s way off the mark. I remember buying a bike for Margaret( the boss)in Stafford a few years ago where the asking was bonkers. The dealer got really insulted when I offered %50, I thought he was going to go ballistic !!! But I did get the bike ! Ciao Ciao K 😎😎😎
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    I think I figured the photo-posting thang... https://photos.app.goo.gl/xHHxEpskKsZnKUxT8
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    One time when I was grumbling to Curtis Harper about my valve covers leaking first the left & then the right one the SSR, he mentioned flattening them on some plate glass with sandpaper. They are only aluminum after all & tightening them down incorrectly can twist them out of shape. Mine were twisted enough to need attention. It may not make a difference but it doesn't hurt either.
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    @Twin AH, you realize it's a holiday, right? I'm surprised you want to get all time-sensitive and publicly nudge me to "encourage a response" after starting no less than three separate threads with me and ignoring simple requests like "make me an offer." So I've decided I'm gonna keep the carbon bits on the bike for now. Cheers.
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    Google doesn't check, it relies on users to update. They were closed a year ago and no one updated Google. Just how far out west are you? If you say Aloha I'm not going to feel sorry for you.
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    I added it to https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19609-ecu-bin-maps/ I'm not sure why I can and you can't, but I notice that the phase of the moon, daylight savings, and brexit cause many curious things to happen.
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    Hey Phil; I was typing as you were posting. Tks for getting the right spelling, lol
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    Isn't that an old MG Magnette two toned sedan across the street? Had one of those in my hippie days in Venice. Abandoned it one morning on Pacific Coast Highway in El Segundo on my way to work. Ran out of starter fluid.
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    Probably easier than the high cam engine into the V11. Wouldn't look as good though. How about a grisso 8 valver in a Centauro. That might work although the alternator might be an issue. Ciao
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    Yes true Docc. Ads often get the year wrong and we don't know how Japan 'dates' an import, possibly a holdover ... who knows? That's an '02 Scura fer shur.
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    Flash as a rat with a gold tooth
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    FWIW - all the Ducati STs are cheap. I just sold an ST3 in very nice condition for a bit less than my $2,750 asking price (and after a long time progressively dropping the price in the ad). It was a 2004, which I think is the last year of the dry clutch on that model. The ST3 is more powerful and more refined than the ST2. I'd certainly rather spend a few hours replacing a Ducati clutch than a few days doing a Moto Guzzi clutch. And with a dry clutch, you can get fancy stuff and a vented cover so it always sounds like your bike is about to frag itself. The Ducati desmodue/desmotre Maintenance and Modification Guide, by LT Snyder is a good investment if you decide to get one of these bikes. But it does not cover the desmoquattro (the engine in the ST4).
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    It looks like a Rosso Mandello tank fitted. 4-6k $US imo.
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    Hi I would like to buy them.
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    I am sorry you are selling . Good luck & please hang around the forum !
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    Wtbh, I've yet to meet a guzzi that I wanted to sell and part with. At one point I had a pinched nerve so bad in my neck I couldn't even dream of sitting on my Lemans CX100 and reaching down to the bars; but every time I walked by the bike in the garage, that bike put a smile on my face; you can't put a price on that. That was the bike that started my guzzi addiction, she'll never go anywhere. Health and pain & discomfort comes and goes, with any luck at all, time will help heal your wounds, but a bike like that may only come by once in a lifetime. To the OP, I sense your struggle with selling your bike, I've learned many times in life when faced with tough decisions, sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing at all, perhaps holding onto it as living room or garage art if at all possible, is the best course of action for now. Good luck Kelly
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    I'm not that familiar with the EV model just what I can see in internet images,but Guzziology recommends to use a T5 7/33 ring and pinion set for 5 speed 1100's with the 8/33 ratio. It also says that that early California 1100's had the wrong speedo gearing fitted from the factory and they overed so the bike wasn't going near as fast as riders thought when they were waiting to shift into 5th. Ciao
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    Engine is not reversible but it does have timing chains located on opposite sides. Here's a photo of the twin cam cutaway display engine as seen from the front. As explained at wildguzzi the engine is designed to be modular and can be a range of displacements in either single or twin cam head versions. There is also a supercharged version. This engine is notn really a Guzzi only project. The Guzzi V11 is just one application. The engine is also installed in a Porsche speedster replica for test drive purposes. There have been several companies interested mainly for use in hybrid vehicles. As I recall I found our V11 test mule on this very forum!
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    Yes, get her straightened up plumb so you can gain a good view of everything. There is a lot going on here. The right side hanger/muffler is meant to be out further, but does not need to be out 'that' far. The sub frame anchor points may be/and can be, bent some (take care). The mufflers mount point could be hanging/or hung on either side of the bracket, and washers may be/could be used here. The mufflers can be 'turned' slightly, on the crossover to achieve height variation. All these points can be used to get them more symmetrical. The PO of my 2000 messed with it till perfection, using a combo of these things. Forgot to ask... stock mufflers? Aftermarket cans with a separate mid-pipe have even more room to play. The main hanger bracket is cast and might break if you try to bend it, though it may be bent already.
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    Those bike looks too nice to turn into track day bikes. Unless the goal is to have a nice street bike that is tracked upon occasion. For the former, I'd look at a salvage or auction bike. For the later, it's a trade off between style, performance and cost that only the buyer can know. I'd like to take my Ducati on a track day or two but like my Greenie, it's a street machine, not a track bike.
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    What did I do? I admired the glossy red paint. Staring out the garage door at high winds and rain, admiring the paint seemed preferable to admiring the asphalt up close and personal.
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    I find this with everything these days from Car/Motorcycle mechanics to any tradesman that works on your house to pretty much any service you engage. It's just the natural evolution of the capitalistic system where each individual is now their own little corporation and like a corporation the whole reason for existing is to make a profit. The rest is just vehicle to take you to that end. Try and find anyone these days that is in a profession for the pure pleasure of it or is just happy to be doing what they consider they were born to do and that's the primary reward . Pretty hard, but it used to be quite common. If history has shown us anything the 20th century demonstrated the total failure of the Communist and Socialist systems with the massive slaughter of its own countrymen and others and it's corruption induced collapse but having said that the capitalist system I believe is now in a serious downward spiral. The current problem of finding decent skilled people that care about what they do and take pride in what they achieve in their chosen field regardless of the financial rewards is just another indicator of the rot setting in. Of course the problem is as I get older my capacity to do the things I'v always done diminishes and the thought of having to rely on the current crop of charlatans is somewhat of a concern. There are of course still a few good people out there but finding them can be pretty much impossible. Nice old Kawasaki BTW. Ciao
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    Interesting! So, the added ball bearing effectively lengthens the clutch push rod?
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    Some great pics scud (and the others who have posted!). I spent most of my life feeling the need to get away to distant places to find great riding, while ignoring the back yard. Don’t know why, just did. Then about 10-12 yrs ago finally woke up to the unbelievable riding heaven here in my back yard, the NW and more widely the western US. Time is short with so much work, so took to starting to buy bikes and leave them spread around a bit, making it easier to maximize the free time riding where i wanted to ride (airline there and back, or at least 1-way), and less time on the super slab. I “discovered” some of the magnificent routes you’ve shown some of along the west end, bringing a Gran Canyon back from SoCal a few yrs back. I actually lived in SoCal for a few yrs in 90’s, but there also i was so busy with work and family that i had little clue about what lay around me. Now pretty much every year i ride from the southwest (usually from Goodyear or Tucson AZ where we have some winter maintenance work done for where i work) back to Oregon via a number of the fantastic routes. So many great routes... i just generally outline the time i have, then watch the weather forecasts to see what route might be best, as its usually early shoulder season and hard to say what will happen. Last spring i came up hoping to get over to Death Valley, but wind gusts to 50mph, and then heavy rain up toward the General Sherman and Sierra’s pushed me again to the west, up past Gorman, through Los Padres National forest (excellent), through Paso Robles and that little single lane paved road up toward Hollister, and so on. Always great, and a reminder that i don’t need to be in the Dolomites to find excellent riding! the KTM 990 stays in Alaska for getaway riding up there when i can, and i see there are some fellow DR riders on this thread too.... i favor the DR350 over the 650, with the 441 kit and a hot cam. My own personal preferences, which change with time and age and mood, are that most of the mid-weight bikes that are coming more into vogue again would be ideal if i was younger (i’m not old, just not young any more...), and would tolerate the lack of windscreen and hp when on the tarmac. Now i prefer something with stupid horsepower and handling when on pavement, and something easy to lift when in the dirt. The Multistrada (enduro) is a magnificent road bike, with just enough “dirt” chops to allow it to not mind un-paved roads should they come along, while the DR350 is simple, lightweight, loads of grunt, and with a 6th gear and plates can just get me from trail to trail via some tarmac without too much unpleasantness. But that 701 does sound like a sweet choice for the BDR’s..... hmm, you’ve planted (or “irrigated”) another naughty seed in my brain!
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    I just tripped across the original post on WG where Mike Haven of MPH had listed some of the Guzzi OEM paint codes. I snagged it in a format this time, that could be re posted here so there would be a record of it in case it may help anyone, fyi Good luck Kelly Paint codes are a national secret. You wont be getting any calls back. I secured this list a few years ago after much badgering. its incomplete, but all there isCOLOR CODES:NORGE 1200 BLACK - BASF GE22-9659 RED - 5.4D.23441 AKZO NOBEL <<pic29436.jpg>> <<pic21654.jpg>> GRAY - (Embedded image moved to file: pic29436.jpg)1200 SPORT BLACK - 5.4M.22705 AKZO NOBEL RED - 5.4D.23441 AKZO NOBELBREVA 1100 BLACK - 5.4M.22705 AKZO NOBEL GRAY - 928XV374 PALINAL RED - 5.4D.23441 AKZO NOBEL ORANGE - DS.08046 LECHLER WHITE - BIANCO DIAMANTE: SCHOCH: 610.PM02 ASCO-BASECOAT PERLATOBIANCOBREVA 850 2007 GRIGIO EXCALIBUR (Grey excalibur) : SCHOCH 675 ALP11-1/3675-003560GRISO 1100 BLACK - 5.4M.22705 AKZO NOBEL RED - 5.4D.23441 AKZO NOBEL LGHT BLUE - DS02096 LECHLER YELLOW - DS02138 LECHLER ORANGE - ARANCIO SATINATO :SCHOCH 3610-010805 PALINAL 923MAT3NEVADA I.E. GRAY - GRIGIO LUCE - DS02074 LECHLER (+ 928XV051 PALINI for fuel tankstripe) BLACK - NERO GUZZI - 5,4M.22705 AKZO NOBEL (+ 928XH913 PALINI forfuel tank stripe) RED - ROSSO DEL LARIO - 66051 LECHLER (+ 5.4M.22705 AKZO NOBEL forfuel tank stripe) RED 06 - ROSSO LDS08040 LECHLER BLACK 06 - NERO GUZZI 929R486 PALINAL or 54M22705 AKZO NOBEL YELLOW 06 - GIALLO 08048 LECHLER WITHE-BLUE 06 - BIANCO MICA DS08042 LECHLER - BLUE MIDNIGHT: DS08039LECHLERBREVA 750 BLACK - NERO OLLARE - 928 XH 913 PALINI or 57E80806 AKZO NOBEL GRAY - GRIGIO PIOMBO: AKZO 57E 85804 or PALINI 928 XH 644 + TRASP.LUCIDO 923 HS 90 ROSSO BREVA (2001) - Palini 928 XH 900 + TRASP. LUCIDO 923 HS 90 RED RACE- ROSSO GUZZI - 5.4D-23441 AKZO NOBEL BLACK 06/07 - NERO GUZZI - 54M22705 AKZO NOBEL LIGHT BLUE 06 - AZZURRO- DS02096 LECHLER WHITE 06 - BINACO MICA - DS08042 LECHLERCALIFORNIA 06 RED - ROSSO - LECHLER LDS08040 BLACK - NERO PALINAL 929R486 or ARDESIA AKZO NOBEL 54 M 22.710 WHITE/GRAY - BIANCO LECHLER LDS08040 / GRIGIO LECHLER LDS08043 VINTAGE - NERO PALINAL 929R486 or ARDESIA AKZO NOBEL 54 M 22.710CALIFORNIA 07 RED - ROSSO - LECHLER LECHLER LS 66013 NERO PALINAL 929R486 O ARDESIA AKZO NOBEL 54 M 22.710(Embedded image moved to file: pic21654.jpg)
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    As a point, that is the crankcase vent. The air and oil mist it is venting go up into the frame, where the oil separates out and is returned to the sump. It is not a high pressure hose, but sadly the stock hose they used doesn't seem to hold up over time. You can replace it with another factory pre-bent hose, or you could just get some higher quality oil resistant hose and connect it to the back of the motor and the underside of the frame. The pre-bent factory hose is way easier, but it is such a cheap quality hose the factory uses.
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    Seeing this thread, I hope long time Guzzi-file, Carl Allison is doing well on this holiday. He did a lot for the community until he dropped off a few years ago. He was a riding partner and a wealth of info.
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    I had a tough time finding a service manual and ended up getting it from New Zealand on ebay. Pls do not ask how much it costs!
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    Welcome aj! You have come to the right place! In the Classifieds is gio’s nice green Sport in Canada, antiqar’s silver Sport in California, and a really nice Rosso Mandello. Happy hunting!
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    It's f'd up . Get a new one . You will probably have to remove the tank . If the clamps are indexed correctly , you can leave the tank on . If not , look at it long and hard to se how you can index the clamps so you can use a flex socket & a 7mm socket ( I think ) to get it the next time . I have a SnapOn flexsocket with the u-joint/socket together . $$$$$
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    must be the pillion cover. didn't know they made 'em in cf. $250 is about right for cf. the pad'll be separate money.
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    Mine was a Cafe Sport first registered in the UK in 2006, Chassis No. ZGUKTB0104M112083 I got it converted by Ghezzi Brian to a V11 Trofeo. The original looked good but I feel it's now an even better handling sports bike and 30kg lighter!
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    I like the older Rush, but had not heard the song you posted - nice one! Here is Numb, by Gary Clark, Jr. - a recent favorite of mine. BTW - How do you embed the play window? edited after I figured out how to embed.
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