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    So I decided to defer the tuning fuel tank job, just a bad time to do it really when you need to ship stuff and fitted up the fuel tank instead to do a leak check. Popped the injector connectors off and did repeated pump primes to pressurise the system and fill the lines. All good except for an externally leaking fuel tap when in the open position. These thing really are a POS. My original one jammed in the open position and this one inexplicably decides to leak from the shaft seal when open. Anyway I got my old one that had jammed open which I had after that event reworked somehow and fitted that. Hopefully it wont repeat the same defect. I then moved on to fitting the airbox so I could attack the side covers. The side cover fitment really is horrible on these bikes as they eventually crack due to the poor fitment strain. Need to have a think about solving this as I have 1 brand new cover to fit and one reworked one and I dont want them cracking. Couldn't resist fitting the tank and tailpiec to get an idea what its going to look like. Ciao
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    Blueboarhound shared this with me pretty early on . . .
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    My Rosso Mandello, after its shake down ride, all good and ready for the riding season
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    Now that the V11/Daytona assembly is all but finished I decided to take a break and re group my thoughts and have a good tidy up before I get onto running it and figuring out the EFI. The process unearthed some old friends that engendered some memories and reflection. Principle among these was my grandfathers mechanical tachometer, such a lovely piece in its velvet lined box replete with various drive adaptors. I guess he used it for setting engine idle RPM on cars, dont know but it makes me think of him and holding in my hand something he used and valued is a nice feeling. I also came across this I made about 30 years ago to remove Ohlins fork caps. I am slightly impressed with myself as I remember machining this piece up including filing the 1/2 inch drive section by hand at my friends workshop The actual memories of that day and the people present come back to me as a pleasant time indeed. More than just tools........old friends and valued memories. And here's my next project, a tool to remove the oil pressure switch on the Daytona engine. A long socket is too long and a short socket is too short so I'll make my own extended short tool. Just need to weld it together. Ciao
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    Local powder coat guy had zero backlog on any work, due to everything cancelling for the pandemic. So he blasted and powder coated my stator cover in record time... paid him more than usual, as it hurt to see that big, normally busy shop sitting idle.
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    i re-installed my fast-idle lever today. thought everyone would like to know.
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    Ha yes docc had that one for a long time. I often reflect on the tools I've owned for extended periods, a lot for more than 45 years. Then there are tools inherited from my grandfather who was an aircraft engineer also and died in the early 60's when I was around 6 years old. I have images of helping him working on his Triumph Herald ( horrid little car) by handing him some of those very same tools I now own. I got quite upset a year ago or so when I was convinced I had lost my 1/4 drive Snap-on ratchet which I bought as a 2nd year apprentice 43 years ago and cost me half a weeks wage. Wandered around for an hour kicking myself and acting like a death in the family had occurred. Then I found it...........in my side pocket, doh (I so rarely put tools in my pocket). But then I got the chance to rejoice and the stupid feeling subsided. Old tools are like old friends that you have shared times with. Ciao
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    Just a note. I am retired guy. I am very concerned about the Coronavirus. Yes, my hair is on fire but I'm not gonna debate it here. But it got me motivated. I am applying for volunteer status at the State Health Dept. I've learned that since 9/11 the entire nation has a volunteer emergency force (mine is the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps ). These are statewide volunteer groups to help out with any planned or unplanned events that might affect public safety. My state is #1 for Federal emergencies (per capita) and only behind TX and Cali for all emergencies. I've passed 3 of my 4 tests to participate. I have no medical skill (or mechanical skills as everyone here knows), hopefully I can work the planning, budgeting, and logistics stuff. If not, I'll pass out leaflets and clean the floors. All states have these organizations. Anyway, food for thought for all you retired guys. There are times of emergency that the paid folks can't keep up with, we're all in the same country, so no need waiting for some else to do what needs to be done. After I get some hands on, I'll tell ya straight if this a help to the world or just eyewash PR deal.
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    Something interesting I found for those that experience AN fitting leaks such as the oil cooler fittings due to damage (not cracking) Ciao
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    Let me break tradition by giving an introduction. My hometown, Edmond OK, was named for railroad man the worked A,T&SF rail line before statehood. It's my understanding that we're at 1200 ft elevation the steepest point on the line between Kansas City and Houston. This mural displays a little of the town history. At the top center "Old North Tower" at the Univ of Central OK. I actually went to kindergarten in the blg, my sons got degrees there. The brownstone building on right bottom is the old Citizens' National Bank. When I was about 10 year old, riding in the school bus, I saw cops running towards the building during a bank robbery. The RR station is long gone. I remember as a child hearing trains and banging all night long as the RR crew "switched" train cars from train to train. Edmond was also the town where the famous east-west Rt 66 crosses north-south Rt 77. Hwy 77 runs from Mexico to Canada. Truly the American crossroads. This photo is taken a block south of the intersection.
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    I remember calling Moto Guzzi North America in early summer 2000 when a Cycle World ad showed a brilliant green RedFrame, leaned over in action, and saying $9,999(US). I couldn't believe they could be available after seeing an image of a black V1l Sport from EICMA 1997 (three years earlier!). The nice lady on the phone (yeah, yeah, we used phones then. Mine had a coiled wire fastened to the wall. ) said, "Oh, yes, they are available in the US. Your dealer has one (er, 125 miles away . . .). But they're not $9,999. $11,999." That one was already sold, but the silver Sport was under my skin a few weeks later, $11,700US, all up and delivered to my driveway. As I recall, prices for V11 really did not seem to change much over the production run, even with the special models (ie:Öhlins). I feel sure my Sport will be worth that again, someday. Like when it gets dug up by archeologists. From another planet.
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    That magnificent "grandfather's mechanical tachometer", in a velvet lined box, is a hard act to follow! I had some good fun digging around through funky, old kit smelling of ancient oils and burnished wood handles ( I already said my people were carpenters). I selected a smattering of inherited, acquired, or otherwise brought to hand, hand-tools put to use over my un(mis?)guided course of wrenching (and beating upon) on various mechanical nemeses, Sirens, and pure delights.
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    I am lol. Picking it up later this week.
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    The Sport has not been out for six weeks. Just 32 miles and a tank of fresh fuel, but she ran like a Labrador Retriever on his way from the truck to the boat . . .
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    Got my Lemans out today and took advantage of the lack of people in downtown Tucson. https://photos.app.goo.gl/DUoh4v2tRhi1Zud36 https://photos.app.goo.gl/E9Y8TkLiVYLMUWbo6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/g7yyhajaEGWM5gNm9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/n2Sbc1wiUkBe5gUp8 (can a mod blow these up for me? Couldn't get it working. Thank you)
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    The NZ government is feeling a tad miffed about Covid19, so they have a plan to fix it. Here is an early draft of a press release: "2020 to be Cancelled. We hope that you have enough toilet paper stored now, so that soon demand will fall to zero, and the tissue manufacturers will have to lay off staff. Then they can join the rest of us in sharing the despair and misery. That happy thought aside, we have given careful consideration to the situation, and we have decided that it is no longer in the best interests of everyone involved to proceed with 2020. While we recognise that a lot of hard work has gone into 2020 already, if we're honest it has turned into a bit of a shitshow. We feel it is best to just call it off. We understand that some of you were looking forward to seeing what cruel and peculiar clusterfuck of a disaster 2020 would throw up next, but on balance we believe it is probably best not to find out. As we wait for 2021 to commence, we will provide some advice on vegetable growing, ark building, and methods of repurposing surplus toilet paper. Our plan is to deliver a more enjoyable year, similar to say 2011, which everyone thought was the absolute worst year of all time but in retrospect was a walk in the park. See you next year" Meanwhile, kiwis are trying to do their bit to save the world.
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    Loud pipes save lives!
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    I put a piece of silicon foam between the relays to reduce movement, and a slid a piece of split rubber hose over the seat latch cable. I don't know if it helped much, but it didn't make things any worse. See bottom left of picture.
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    You can find some great photos on his website: http://fastguzzi.nl/
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    Some of you may be aware of my ongoing frustration with these things. Briefly I've had one that refused to close off and another that has leaked when in the open position. Time to investigate. I suspected that the issue was junk seals and it turned out I was correct. I carefully removed the crimped section of the aluminium operating knob so I could screw it off the body and remove the internal plunger. The seals were toast which was causing the leaking in the open position. Bearing in mind that this thing gets used once in a blue moon the seals shouldn't have an issue really. So seals removed measured up and left in fuel overnight. I also tested a seal from an elcheapo kit I bought at the local Aldi store for comparison. No idea what the Aldi seal is made of but it was almost an identical size to the original. The first image shows the two seals after 24 hours in fuel ( the originals hadn't seen fuel for a week or so) As you can see the original has swelled a lot, around 1 mm in dia. So if your manual tap is difficult to open and shut and needs pliers to do so here's your reason. Garbage non fuel compatible seals. My cheap control seal is fine and hasn't swelled at all. This sort of thing drives me nuts, to save pennies they use rubbish seals and to compound the issue they aren't replaceable.......until now,hopefully. The difference in the seal sizes is quite obvious after 24 hrs in fuel. So what we need is Viton or FKM seals which I suspect will need to be 10 mm ID X 2.4 mm CS. I'll confirm this soon. The problem is what to do now with the the tap and its lack of open stop since we have removed the crimped section from the knurled nut. The issue for me is the lack of equipment. I've got plenty of nice ideas but dont have a mill which would allow me to do it properly. What I came up with is in the following image. I drilled and tapped the plunger for a 4 mm grub screw that can be inserted into its hole through the tap outlet. This grub screw when installed now forms the down stop for the plunger internally by it striking the inner bottom edge of the outlet hole replacing the crimped section of the aluminium knurled nut. The only issue I had was that I drilled and tapped the plunger hole about 1 mm too high which caused issues when the tap was closed. I resolved this by opening up the throat of the outlet port up near the closed seal face. Downside? a reduction in outlet area but i doubt it would be an issue as the inlet and filter screen are smaller than the tap outlet spigot ID.Next time I'd drill and tap a 6mm access hole on the tap body opposite the outlet port and make the 4mm hole in the plunger all the way through. I'd then have a 4mm stainless grub screw with the stop end turned down to 2 mm and it would be accessed through the 6 mm body screw from the opposite side. This would be much neater and minimise the loss of outlet area. The 6 mm access screw hole would need to be sealed with some thread sealer but the tap could be easily pulled apart for seal replacement and servicing.Note here only 1 seal is fitted to the plunger. I give this idea to the greater Guzzi community and forego retiring in luxury on the Caribbean on the obvious fiscal benefits I could derive from patenting etc. Ciao
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    I’m now the current owner of T009 in Perth, Western Australia. absolutely love it!! 😍🏍👌 Those, to answer the question, are Hepco & Becker Panniers. I do believe though, that the mounting framework is no longer produced for the V11.
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    I'll have to revisit this shot with my duke but with my guzzi. I liked it.. colours seem to match
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    Even on a Vespa it would have been more epic:) Ciao
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    Thank you, Signore Marabese and Moto Guzzi! Went for a nice run today. What a fun motorcycle!
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    There will be a time when we all will look back on how this coronavirus pandemic has affected us all - some more so than others. This touching story about Giuseppe Berardelli and his sacrifice for another unknown younger man deserves a fitting tribute. He obviously loved his trusty red Galletto - wouldn’t it be wonderful for Moto Guzzi to aquire and display his pride & joy to their collection? A modern story for these times that will stand for decades to come as a tribute to the selfless priest and his greatest of all love. I sure would stop and ponder if I ever get to visit Mandello del Lario. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.eternitynews.com.au/world/greater-love-72-year-old-priest-gives-up-his-respirator-to-a-younger-person-and-dies/amp/ Stay safe everyone.
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    Well, the Americans have just about had it. They are demanding and end to this pandemic! OK...maybe not.
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    Yes docc just for you A few other jobs ticked off today. Got my lower spoiler installed and made up the oil return line. Next job is to make up a remote fuel tank for tuning work. Merlin doesn't care about viruses, he's just happy his mummy and daddy are home 24/7 Ciao
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    Glad you guys got it sorted. I have a lot springs here and can re-supply you guys later. I'm already boxing up a few shipments to have ready when I can leave my house again.
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    Thanks to LowRyter for correctly quoting and attributing the paraphrase I posted on being "divided by a common language." George Bernard Shaw, one the greats! The only thing I ever understood Joey Dunlop say was, "Hed doon, arse oop."
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    So some progress. I've managed to get the front end back together and finish off the wiring. I painted the top triple clamp and gave everything a good clean up while I was there. I bought myself a stand which I should have done years ago as the one I have was a home made job from the previous owner and very dodgy and dangerous to use. I'm carrying too many old injuries these days to struggle with the physical stuff, when there are sensible options,so I dont. On its wheels. The braided breather hose is the next job to finish off. The Throttle bodies and TPS are set up but I need to source a fuel canister to make a tuning fuel supply so I can remove the tank and bench it and hook up a small fuel supply. After reworking the TPS and getting that working I bit the bullet and decided to buy a good second hand set of Ducati throttle bodies. So for about 130usd I ended up with a pair of near new side flow injectors,a TPS, a fuel regulator and mounting assembly I'll use on the remote fuel tank, plus a bunch of spare TB parts inc the pivot ball and some spare plastic fuel fittings that are worth around $45usd ea to replace with alloy aftermarket ones if you break one of the originals. I've now also got a single throttle body that I can use to clean side flow injectors which turned out to be quite an issue finding someone to do. Wiring Repainted top triple clamp Stand....German made! Ciao
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    Was working from home, but came to the office today because I really needed to drop a load and the office has toilet paper. Not really . . .
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    Choose, well, your "Social Distancing Tools" . . .
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    Yes docc, the main issue with the V11 is the frame design. A single spine doesnt leave a lot of options for routing wiring and cramming in things like fuel pumps and filters etc thats why I think the later in tank pump arrangement is a bonus. Gets a couple of large bulky items out of the way and simplifies the plumbing and makes tank removal less messy. The V11 though comes from the same era of design as the 851 Ducati which was literally a frame, engine, swingarm forks and wheels set on a lift and they then built everything around that.Old school ad hock design which makes them messy. The 916 Ducati was a massive leap in this regard as it was CAD designed and fitted together like a watch by comparison. Ciao
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    Did you dig out your old Golden Earring * 8 track tapes from under the seats when you said goodbye ?
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    Update (sort of): I traded my Volvo 240 for... a Volvo 240. 2 years younger and a lot less kms on the clock. (My GF started to worry)
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    In light of my imminent return to the V11 Le Mans family, I've made a donation to the keeper of this most excellent forum, and encourage those of you who haven't in a while to do the same. Best wishes and good health to all of you.
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    Hi Kelly, valve play and timing have no connection. I've never measured AFR with a mistral crossover and oval exhaust. My setup is standard crossover and TI exhaust (which flows significantly better than the stock exhaust, but is quite loud) Again using a picture from Motoguzznix's file for visualization, the timing is dependent on the camshaft. It's best practice to adjust the point at which the intake and exhaust valve have the same lift to 2-3° before TDC and not at TDC. Or even behind, which is the reality in Guzzi engines after some time because the chain has worn a bit. The main issue with the V11 valve train are the guides, you will typical see a much larger play than factory specs after some time. So, changing the valve play versus the 0.25mm I've used will impact AFR and not timing or wear and tear. Disregarding all other factors, decreasing the play would reduce the airflow, which would lead to a richer mixture than I intended. Increasing it, within reason, would slightly improve airflow and lead to a leaner mixture. But as I wrote previously, the V11 camshaft is a good one, stay with 0.25mm. Cheers Meinolf
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    68C is right, but for me, I went a cheaper way. I saved the existing map using IAW15XREADER, and carefully labeled the saved file. This saved file can be reloaded over any other BIN file at any time. IAW15XREADER will take about 15 minutes to save your file, and IAW15XWRITER can overwrite a new BIN in about 10 seconds. My ECU has been overwritten several times. All the BIN files I tried were good, some were excellent. I didn't feel that any would fail to get me home.
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    Pay no mind to the relays in this view, the image is only to show my method of labeling relay functions: Start - Lights - Neutral - ECU - Fuel/Ignition
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    Got my new LeMans badges to replace the 'Cafe Sport' badges on the carbon fiber side covers I got last week. I'll be using these on the Tenni and didn't want to remove the "Tenni" badges from the stock side covers. They are NLA. The pic of the inside shows the raised areas and the grommet/sleeved washer reinforcement that Lucky Phil was referring to concerning cracking mount points on CF covers. These covers were standard Guzzi items on the Cafe Sport. Very well made. btw, those badges are still available, unlike the early badges, and cheap at $7.20 for both
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    I would agree... but my blibblob is pretty much a sport now due to no fairing and clip-ons. Love the paint job on a tenni though- gorgeous shade of green
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    Go and ask on the Stelvio thread on ADV. it'll take you at least three lifetimes to reach any conclusions and you will probably take your own life after about a day as it will seem like a blessed relief compared to weighing up the options held forth as if pearls before swine by the mighty.
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