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    Gratuitous Bald River Falls photo post.....
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    First long ride since last summer. Tacked on a couple of days to last weekend and headed for Blenheim to visit family. East coast north of Kaikoura still has a lot of road works as a result of the earthquakes a few years ago so you have to be patient with numerous stop/go guys. What was a 4 hour trip is now 6 hours. Return trip was quicker but colder from snow that had fallen previous day. Bike went well. Just clicked over 60,000 ks. Rally season coming up here so should be able to get a few more rides in.
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    I don’t think the cap failure came first, but IDK. I was thinking pure fastener failure, but now consider the impact may have predisposed that. No doubt, crossing the pinch bolt threads is both common and potentially disastrous. While I could, once again, be accused of overthinking this, the failure was serious enough to warrant careful review and consideration. If my posts help one other rider avoid a come-apart, then we have success.
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    Over the last two days I scratched around and installed a relay at the end of the starter solenoid wire . I attached a larger automotive relay to the battery tray and ran my B+ from the battery through a fuse holder ( 20a) to the relay . Grounded the - to a 10mm bolt at the rear of the tank . The feed wire to the solenoid connection . The original solenoid wire energizes the new relay and the current goes through the larger relay . This will stop all relay problems and taxing the factory wiring and connections . I have done this a lot on equipment with Lucas starters that burn up neutral switches , solenoids , etc. P.S. I used 16 ga wire to go from the battery to relay and relay to solenoid .
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    Testimony to our solid, steadfast, and caring community that a guy comes on terribly frustrated and ready to bail and people all over the world jump in to help him fix it and stay on . . .
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    As some may know the CARC bikes use a remote breather from the slave cylinder to a bleed nipple up under the seat. I'm sure it would be very easy to fabricate something similar for the V11 and it makes bleeding the clutch a breeze.
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    Install the wiring back into the bucket Take the new/old reflector and place it back into the bucket. Be careful screwing it together, these buckets fall apart around that area. I fixed mine with super glue. Put it all back on the bike! Gaze in wide eyed wonderment of LED-ness Don't forget to aim the headlight after install. Low beam High Beam Can you spot the Alien craft? Look straight up towards the top of the picture...without this upgrade i would not have been able to notice those who walk among us....
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    Where do these kids get these crazy ideas ? ! ?
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    The Tapoco Lodge is such a delight for lunch and proximity to Deal's Gap etc. Plus it has great parking, including a covered area for motorcycles. Upon arrival, I found this spectacular V11 Tenni for an impromptu photo op . . .
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    Let's not be too quick to dismiss Moto Guzzi's methods here... all the "limited edition" models had their names printed on the side panel badge-stickers, such as Scura. The faired LeMans models said LeMans, and many of the sport models said V11 Sport. I don't know about the year-by year variations, or which models got only the checkered pattern, but there is definitely a consistent pattern in the labeling of the side panels. There are lots of colors available as well... and some are carbon fiber.
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    Is pretty much the rule on all old Guzzis.
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    We both have the same hairstyle . If someone were to play me , I was thinking more Ernest T Bass .
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    The black bikes look good Ciao
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    Tattley Rappit is on again. See website for details https://tattleyrappet.wixsite.com/rally?fbclid=IwAR10TM1d4ozCBErKya7lrtwnWfL7A_0gpiugPMSIVBCrTUA0aY3F8H4s4vU
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    For those of you on the bubble as to come to Tellico Plains this year.... You can pose your machine in front of this gorgeous waterfall nearby. Bald River Falls
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    Update on" Guzzi goes to the Manx-" bike now with doctor for fettling/wiring - hope to collect this Saturday - boat from Belfast on Sunday morning - travelling in buddies camper with 3 bikes on trailer as the Isle of Man Steam Packet company want a small fortune to ship the bikes on their own - shipping company also referred to as the Steam Racket Company. Also saves piling furniture on the bike as the gear travels in the camper. Have further technical question for you guys - where can the flange for the rear shock adjuster be sourced? Currently held on with 2, ahem, zip ties. Now that works but has no class so the right part would look so much better. Also another thought flitted across my mind, should I expect some issues with ethanol and a plastic fuel tank at nearly 18 years of age? Will try to post a few piccys of the bike and Monas Isle - going to the Island without a bike is a bit like going to a bordello with a chastity belt on. First went back in 1975 and from then to 1984 attended regularly - highlight was seeing Mike Hailwoods return in 78 on a Ducati, when he was so unfancied and written off as a has-been but proceeded to spank Hondas arse - great moment. Ciao
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    I think you just convinced me to do highpipes.
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    which cables/laptop to you use? i have the tuneecu setup, which if i recall correctly i run from windows on my mac via bootcamp (but now that i think of it, i upgraded my mac and i think i skipped the windows partition..... damn, forgot about that). It reads/writes to some ECU's, but not sure if its apples-to-apples, plus i'd need the cables specific for the V11. probably a thread on this, so i'll take a look, but a bump here could get me going down the right path. I'm not at all sure i'll even bother. I love the way the LM sings above 4800rpm, once i got used to letting her rev up that high. Always felt like the "tractor" should be treated nice, with the rpm's kept lower for that nice torque, but its so smooth and linear above 4800rpm, with no buzz/vibration, and instant throttle response, that i now tend to just ride her more in that zone. Funny, as people always say its not the rpm-lover "like a ducati" (commonly noted thing), but i find this V11 runs smoother than anything i've owned (other than 2 strokes) in that higher rpm zone. The only reason i'd mess with the ECU is to see what it is that "I didn't know i couldn't live without" in regard to the lower rpm zone, plus the ever present desire to mess around with stuff that should by all rights just be left alone... :-> I owned my oilhead boxer RT for over 65,000 miles before i installed a gizmo that some oilhead enthusiasts who were dialed into the ECU challenge came up with (AF-XIED, or some such acronym, which was a plug and play device for "tricking" the ECU), and low and behold a light shown from heaven and bestowed beautiful low rpm performance that i didn't know was something i had been missing.
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    I'm actually going south to se him on sunday, with 3 brains. That will be interesting, and hopefully not hurt my brain to much. Cheers tom.
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    Thats called magic or something, you be smiley when she is home. It will be a trip to remember Cheers tom.
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    Since learning about the oil problem in V11's, I've tried hard to get mine to show ('97 Sport-i) by working it with hard first gear climbs on a fairly steep hill- and I've not been able to see a flicker. All the same, I wanted one because that's just how we roll.
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    So awesome! Welldone! I have their LED "bulb" to install in my early V11 Bosch steel bucket and glass lens. Not sure when I'll get to it, but the "H4 LED" looks very well built (compared to my LED unit with heat sink, fan, and driver). Thanks, Mikko.
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    Have either of you blokes with clutch problems tried using the adjuster on the arm at the back of the gearbox? If the adjuster is set so that it's too far in the arm will be too far back and may be jamming on either part of the frame or the swingarm and preloading the thrust bearing and pushrod. pete
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    We would have loved to be there, but were dealing with a death in our (aviation) family.. The spine raid rocks.
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    i just ordered from onlinemicro. so far so good. says UPS ground will ship out today for $8, in US.
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    I'm definitely no sparky, but if I were going to add another relay, I'd make it the starter relay. Fused feed to 30, trigger it with the solenoid wire, and run a 16 gauge wire to the solenoid. KR will be along shortly to tell me why that won't work.
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    The OEM Ducati Energia didn't send Amps to ground, it just let the circuit go open circuit.
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    MGCycle doesn't show the fuse block, but Harpermoto does. That doesn't mean he really has one, though (best to call). Not just the lid, but the entire block (except the decal which is a separate part number.)
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    NOOOOOOOO . ADHD is our main virtue !
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    Think I've got one from a V11 are you in the UK?
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    heres something. lists years, has a photo. https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=44665&sku=GU01250830&description=OEM+Moto+Guzzi+Shift+Pedal+-+GU01250830 I don't see the numbers Docc has, most likely because GU01250830 is a complete assembly. I have one from an 03 LM I could spare. PM for details if it'll work.
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    ECU56 is the speedo sensor. Has it been wet where you are or have you recently washed the bike? Early sensors were prone to water intrusion at the join between the cable and the 'Block'. If you remove it and dry it with a hairdryer and then seal around the join with silastic it may solve the issue. If not buy a new one. They aren't terrifically spendy. Diagnostic code for Griso is 12425. pete
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    Try going to Grisoghetto.com & doing a search there
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    beware of the grease mud, for there the skid demon lurks..
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    Hi Pete(r) I happen to have the recall kit GU973260900016. It consist of 2 sleeves and 1 redesigned cush drive. Let me know if you have trouble getting these parts free from Moto Guzzi. Send me your mail and you can get pictures of the parts. Rolf (rolf.halvorsen@mail.com)
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    20th century bike.. what can I say?
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    interesting, i just assumed they were stock as they sure look like it at first glance. they sound fine so no complaints! if I did swap i might go CF to match the bike better as its already got CF bits and pieces.. but its not a priority.
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    Looks in great shape for that mileage. Ciao
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    The passion hasn't died for me.. but.. the Mighty Scura (the last of the *real* Guzzis) will more than likely be the newest I'll ever own in this go round. If they did come out with a modern LeMans before my riding days are over though.. I'd probably have one.
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    The WHB's do have a list on some page but it's incomplete - many settings are not included but scattered around at specific sections (which is good too but they should be in the list as well ) I collected all I could find when I had the 1100 Sport (all or nearly all will apply to V11 as well) plus some generics, see this page: https://www.abc.se/~rasmus/1100Sport-torque.html
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    Ok, I know it's a recent acquisition, but I love her, 02 in "Champagne". Was a California bike, now she resides in South West Colorado. Dave
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    Another surprise. I pulled the old input shaft seal today and noted the input shaft fwd bearing not seated in the casing to the tune of 1.5mm short. You can see the evidence of this in the inner race. Should be fairly easy to rectify. Its not a major issue other than the bearing outer race is not fully supported in the case. Makes you wonder whos putting these things together sometimes. Might be the same guy that lubricates CARC swingarm bearings. He's moved onwards and upwards. That's around 1.5 mm short of the shoulder. Evidence of the bearing not running central on the race. Ciao
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